What Happens When Dictators Get Bored

Shoot.  This day has gone from bad to worse.  First, the Blackhawks (ah, Sport) lay an egg against the Red Wings this afternoon.  Now: apparently, North Korea just did a nuclear test.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Rahm Emanuel got the news.  The motherfucker-per-minute gauge must be redlining.

UPDATE: USGS survey says… Magnitude 4.7 temblor in northeastern North Korea — fairly close to Sea of Japan — at about 2055 EDT tonight.  Which, for those of us with experience with West Coast earthquakes, is hardly worth writing home about.  But still — this looks like it is for real.  Per AP/MSNBC: State Department knows nothing yet.

UPDATE 2: CNN (International now being simulcast) is reporting that South Korea state media is saying that unnamed sources are suggesting that the DPRK also tested a short range missile today.  [In other news: the cabbie who drove me home the other night told me that a buddy of his told him that it’s going to snow here next week.  (Not to say that this wouldn’t happen.  This is Chicago, after all.)]

Oh, and MSNBC has gone ahead and decided to broadcast another edition of To Catch A Predator right now.  Ah, three-day-weekend programming on the cable networks.  Beautiful.

[That’s the last update for this post.  Must go to sleep.  Kisses.]


Rahm just grew back his middle finger.

Oh, and someone in the SFL household has a pager/iPhone app that goes off when temblors are registered above 4.0 anywhere in the world. It kinda gets old. We’d rather watch Star Wars on MTV right now.

I actually just switched over to A Fish Called Wanda on BBC US America.

CNN is still on the Larry King lovefest. Fox News is not on the story. MSNBC is onto full-on slapdash documentary marathon. I actually got the news while (or, whilst?) watching Prime Minister’s Question Time on C-SPAN. (After the Hawks loss today, I needed some TV on the level of morphine to dull the senses.)

Well, this is all the excuse I need to have that chocolate torte with ice cream and fresh strawberries.

@chicago bureau: Did Larry King die? I guess I only got that one extra copy of A Fish Called Wanda that Blogenfreude won.

@Mistress Cynica: Girlfriend, as IF we needed an excuse. Though nukes going off in North Korea is a reallyfucking good excuse for chocolate torte.

yes, larry king’s been dead for some time.
no one has bothered to tell him to lie down already.

@chicago bureau:
trivia time!
kevin kline won a best supporting actor oscar for WANDA, only one other actor won an oscar for a comedic role. anyone?

Di also had the bad timing to die late Saturday/early Sunday on a three-day weekend. CNN just plugged in Sky News and went back to sleep.

@SanFranLefty: That idiot has never asked a tough question in his life.

Gee the NKs finally got one to work? The last one fizzled and badly. Maybe next time they’ll build a missile that won’t break up in mid flight.

It was widely assumed they had the bomb anyway.

What are the GOPers going to demand that it is a failure of Barry to control the NKs? Like “Dear” Leader Krazy Kim is going to listen to:
a) Reason
b) Sanity
c) Rationality
d) Logic
e) US America
f) All of the Above

@baked: Would that be Kid Shelleen in “Cat Ballou”? The great tough guy Lee Marvin’s weirdest roles, since he also played his twin brother.

@redmanlaw: Somewhere in Hell, Saddam is slapping his forehead.

@nojo: ‘Give me fuel (oil)/give me fire/give me that which I desire!”


Watching “Senator Obama Goes to Africa” on link tv now. I am such a fucking nerd.

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