A Convergence of Wingnuts

atlaspuppets300pxIt was only a matter of time before they found each other. Prendergast at Dump Bachmann:

I don’t know what to do with this one. I really don’t. I’m just going to put it up here and see what happens.

It seems that on April 1st of this year, a conservative blogger named Pamela Gellar [sic] interviewed Michele Bachmann. It’s twenty minutes long, and Michele starts talking revolution again. She’s comparing conservative blogs with the Committees of Correspondence that helped to foment the “original” American revolution, and accusing the Obama administration of trying to end US sovereignty and freedom again.

It’s one thing when the clinically insane blog.  It’s quite another when one of their number has a seat in the House of Representatives.

sociopath-or-just-plain-insaneFrom Pammy’s post:

Pamela: And I mean, the RNC needs to get behind of folks like Alan West. Mambie pampies are just not going to do it, we need to stop moving to the Left. It has to stop.

Bachmann: Right. We actually, this is a man-made, government-made disaster, this economic conundrum we’re in right now. We could see ourselves go forward next quarter already if we do a few things, if we would do this. If we would permanently zero out the capital gains tax for four years, so that we could let people know that for four years there would be zero capital gains tax. Take the business tax rate from the second highest in the world, 34%, and cut that down to 9% for a corporate tax rate, that would be bring in foreign investment and jobs back into the United States. Completely eliminate the death tax, completely eliminate the alternative minimum tax, and then I think that we need to bold on income tax. Scrap the income tax code, and put into place a tax system where everyone has to get in on the game.

Incoherent much? Pammy:

Bachmann really gets it. This is a woman I would gladly follow into battle. She’s a comer. If America is to emerge from this war from within, it will be under the stewardship of great Americans like Bachmann. I am a huge fan.


There’s lots more of Pamela’s views available on her website. For example, she describes the Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism as “the fascist blueprint to create a police state and legalize gulags.” She also links to some guy who transcribed part of the Bachmann interview. He’s convinced there’s an “Islamic hegemony in Scandinavia.” And if you listen to the interview, you will hear Pamela and Michele note that we’re all going to “wake up in a gulag” if we don’t get wise to this Obama thing.

My prediction?  I don’t think much will come of this relationship, but it will push Atlas Juggs even closer to the inevitable psychotic meltdown.  She’s not dangerous – like some of the teabaggers – but simply to be mocked.  Pass the popcorn.

Michele Talks Revolution with Pamela Geller [Dump Bachmann]

I thought this would end with a kinky story about Bachmann and Juggs and some puppets. Drat.

It’s not “Mambie pampies”, it’s Namby Pambies, moran. You’d think with its similarity to NAMBLA, rpubs could get that one right.
Also: “She’s a comer.” Pass the mind bleach, please.

If this Pamela Geller didn’t have a blog named “Atlas Shrugs” I’d suspect an April Fools joke. Yet another Ayn Rand basket case. Follow Michele Bachmann into battle? There’s even less chance of that ever happening than of following chickenhawks like George Bush and Dick Cheney and Rush and Newt and Mitch and all the boys who ducked Vietnam into battle.

Apparently Ms. Geller doesn’t understand that these people send other people (like Ms. Geller) to fight battles while staying comfortably out of harm’s way themselves.

@Mistress Cynica: I never heard it used as a noun, let alone a plural noun. I know it as namby-pamby: as in “You great Limey poof, you make me sick with your namby-pamby ways.” I suppose one could stretch it to “The namby-pambiness of senate Democrats does not well serve the interests of their constituents.” It’s one of those word phrases like “hugger-mugger” or “power-bottom” best left to Bill Kristol.

But this Predergast person sounds like fun. Might she be persuaded to guest post here?

Atlas Juggs is a piece of work. She crashed an anti-war demonstration years ago, and had a picture taken of herself standing next to Cindy Sheehan giving the finger. Class act.

Did you catch this? You know it’s bad when the far right Little Green Fascists, err Footballs, is trying to distance themselves from Pammy the Cougar.

@Comandante Agi: @FlyingChainSaw: I’d never heard of her before. I was happier then.

@FlyingChainSaw: She might be the pinnacle of right wingnuttery … a sociopath of that caliber is more than tone deaf. No map, no compass, no morals. She’s the future, I fear.

@blogenfreude: The more crazy they bring to the table, the fewer people remain at the table. Republican self identification is at the lowest point in history.

OT: Can we get a pandemic flu betting thread? I would have placed all my money on Canada yesterday. Today’s bet is on Phoenix.

@smapdi: Within a couple of weeks, there will be confirmed cases throughout the continental US, with clusters around university towns: Spring break in Baja, y’all!

The panic, however, will overwhelm us. We don’t have the surge capacity in our public health system that we did during the Spanish flu. Every parent and child with sniffles will go the ER.

Upside? Working from home!

They found 4 cases in Nova Scotia.

When SARS broke out in Toronto, my parents were going on a trip to Europe while my mom was just recovering from a cold. I told my mom to load up on cough syrup as she became the scariest thing in the world, an Asian woman with a runny nose.

A friend of mine is a health inspector for a local region, he read a post SARS briefing conducted by folks from the CDC. The CDC pointed out all the holes within the US American public health system thanks in large part to the private healthcare system but noted that SARS did not get any worse in large part because of the efforts of folks in Toronto.

Edited to sound less stupid.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s funny; my mom visited us in Seoul, and she arrived wearing a mask. There were no cases in either Japan or Korea.

I’ve worked on pandemic flu planning, and have a bad feeling. I mean, it took me four hours to have one of my kids looked at in the ER on a Wed night, and my wife needs to wait another two weeks for a visit with a specialist she asked for two weeks ago and now no longer needs.

@blogenfreude: She’s incoherent. I mean, wingnuts can be consistent. The Atlas Juggs lady is randomly nasty. Hanging with Nazis. Giving Cindy Sheehan the finger. Whatever. She should do a sex tape with Bachmann and shout ‘sieg heil’ when she gets off.

@smapdi: Eight cases in New Zealand. There goes my escape plan.

No panic as of yet: I coughed and sneezed my way around the produce section and through a starbucks and no one raised an eyebrow.

Hey, I know you’re a big fan of the police Taser stories, check out this NSFW video of an obviously high naked guy getting tased at Coachella.

@SanFranLefty: This was strange. They make a big deal out of being ‘patient’ with him, then tazer him and, once on the ground, keep shocking him in what is obviously gratuitous torture. They should have punched him in the face and carried him off. They play this game of ‘escalation of force’ for no goddamn reason, save they can prove its necessity at each phase of engagement, according to some manual. Guy is stoned, raving and naked, done, whomp ’em and carry ’em off.

Nice breakdown chart courtesy of the CDC. Think I’ll go read The Stand and Dust.

@LuxMentis: I bring up Captain Tripps frequently during panflu discussions.

ADD: I’m sorry, but where others geek out on policy wonk/legal beagle/fashion forward things, I lurvs me a disaster. I’ve got CNN on right now and they just cut to commercial after saying “what if nobody SHOWS UP TO WORK TOMORROW?”

I may have dipped into my rum reserves a tad early, but I can feel media-driven panic in the air.

ADD2: “public health emergency” declared, and although DHS secretary assures this “sounds worse than it is” (and I know that it mostly has to do with inching our way to a Stafford Act declaration that will loosen the purse strings), I smell *panic*.

You guys are welcome in New Mexico. Our spring hantavirus outbreaks should be popping up soon, along with the odd case or two of the plague – that’s right, the Black Death. And we have the Opera.

@redmanlaw: Does Santa Fe breed plague victims for the opera? You know, to add realism to the death scenes.

@FlyingChainSaw: We use mutilated cattle for that. Really down home kinda stuff.


Read Part 4 – Dulce, tests on cattle, etc.

@Nabisco: Yeah, I’m waiting for the flu panic to converge with the anti-immigration fervor and lead to calls for quarantine camps by May 1.

@SanFranLefty: No, after that. The (GOP) beer distributors don’t want to get stuck with all that Corona.

@FlyingChainSaw: Totally unnecessary tazing. When he was on the ground and they kept pressing the thing to his heart, I was screaming “they’re going to kill him.” Plus I have a bum shoulder so watching them practically dislocate and break his arm was killing me. Their initial takedown was by the book, though.

But who the fuck was he bugging – he was wandering around naked during a Dave Matthews Band jam? For Chrissake…

Well, news says we have 5 suspected cases here in Syderknee, and it’s just in time for the cold and flu season.

And here’s a surprise, the flu injections we were all “advised strongly” to get at work, don’t cover swine flu. Who woulda thunk it?

If I call up work oink, squeal and sneeze, you think they’ll tell me to stay home?

And two things….
And if pigs can’t fly, how do we get swine flu?
Has anyone blamed dirty border crossing illegals yet? (it must be their fault… )

This better not stop people going to the theatre to have life-changing experiences. That’s all I’m saying.

@redmanlaw: Good point. Cindy has her people on it right now.

@Benedick: Prommie says that you won’t be able to make it, but he and I have tentative plans to see your play in B’more soon.

@FlyingChainSaw: Thanks for that lovely image for my Monday morning. Eek.

what’s the difference , symptom-wise, btw cold & flu? I’m pretty sure all I have is a cold, but according to yesterday’s local paper, I have all but 1 symptom of swine flu. that can’t be right.

@Jamie Sommers: A very mild case of the flu can seem like a cold, but the usual distinction is a high fever and feeling so sick you think you’re dying. If you’re well enough to type coherently, you probably just have a cold. But it couldn’t hurt to stay home just in case.

I am home today because I was up most of the night achy and feverish. fever seems to be gone now but the mucus situation is too unpleasant to subject the publc to.

@Jamie Sommers:
I hope it isn’t Swine Flu aka “Venganza de Cerdo.”

mexico city has apparently angered the gods. they just had an earthquake.

@FlyingChainSaw: There is a story out of the Florida Panhandle today that I call “The Revenge of the Tasered.” Deputies went to arrest this crazy militia dude for domestic violence. These brilliant deputies decide to go arrest him, get this, at A FIRING RANGE. Not like he’d be armed there.

So he doesn’t want to be arrested and gives them some minor shit, and they tazed him, and, according to the story, the instant the electricity stopped, he jumped up and shot and killed both cops.

They caught him at a roadblock in the next county and killed him, of course.

@Jamie Sommers: The flu tends to be drier, not so much nose-running and coughing, and it is usually accompanied by a significant fever, whereas colds rarely involve much of a fever. The big thing with the flu is severe fatigue, like you just cannot get up, and severe muscle aches in the large muscles. Chills and sweats and muscle aches are all fever-related symptoms, so its mostly about the fever.


We should bet on who is going to come up with the immigrant thing first: Malkin, Gellar, or Dobbs. My money is on Dobbs…

@Prommie: They wanted the firefight. Probably figured he’d be a pushover and, because he would be armed, they could almost automatically rationalize deadly force, so they could enjoy entertainment of blowing someone the fuck away with impunity. “Oh, hey, he was armed. What could we do? Endanger officers of the law!? Why do you hate the law!?”

Seems the Panhandle “don’t taze me bro” killer was an Adkisson Brigade member, he was said to be “severely disturbed” that Obama won the election: http://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/cartwright_16963___article.html/elizabeth_deputies.html

I think we need a Stinque Medical Corner!

Jamie, hope you feel better soon. Most colds are just colds, if you get flu-like symptoms don’t worry about whether it’s swine or non-swine flu; if your fever gets dangerously high (102?), get thee to a practitioner of your preferred curative powers. At 104 the brain can boil…

@Nabisco: Still have “No Hay Doctore?”

@Nabisco: I am not a doctor, but I play one on Stinque.

@Mistress Cynica: Mrs RML once diagnosed me as having the Dengue fever, according to her consultation with Dr. Inter Webb. I was a certified EMT at one point, however.

@Prommie: sí, señor!

@redmanlaw: I’ve had dengue, but fortunately not the cerebral/you’re gonna die variety.

@T-cattt: out of my nose, it’s clear. the stuff I’m coughing up is chartruse.

@Jamie Sommers:

Probably just a cold then. My mom always said that virus mucus is clear…

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket@Jamie Sommers: : Chartreuse is pale green, right? If it gets darker, there’s bacteria cultivating in Jamie’s chest, and you’ll need antibiotics (for bacteria, not virus).

If you develop a temp, it’s a virus; no temp and darkening mucus, a respiratory infection. No temp, no change in mucus, the common cold. Rx: chicken soup with green chiles.

Added dimension. He also freaked out about Obama taking away his guns.

@Tommcattt, Nabisco et al-
thanks for the advice.

@FlyingChainSaw: I have seen her before, also, with the fucking puppets, acting out a Randian fable in baby-talk, posted somewhere by someone, maybe even Brand W a year or so ago.

She is so desperately crazy.

Yet somehow attractive, like she could indeed be the ultimate crazyfuck. She’d be acting out your genitals talking to each other in babytalk, right in the middle of it, a genitalia puppet show, oh, the crazeee.

@Nabisco: Thanks for the chicken soup with green chiles tip, also the diagnosis tree (ladder?).

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