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Pamela “Atlas Juggs” Oshrey Geller is officially ready for a rubber room.

She has “proved” that Barack Hussein Obama’s father is …

Malcolm X.

After visiting all those wingnut blogs, I thought nothing could surprise me.

I was wrong.


Uh, because they’re both Black?

Thanks Pammy. Way to destroy the meme that Barry is a furriner.

Meanwhile, in mainstream wingnut news, NAH NAH NAH is going national, per the National Republican Trust 527. Was just playing in Fla., Ohio and Pa., but now it will go to the networks.

And thus the kitchen sink is going into the catapult.


@chicago bureau: kitchen sink is going into the catapult.

@ManchuCandidate: Can you imagine life without Pammy? We’d have to invent her. For some serious hilarity, YouTube her, and watch the spittle fly.

there’s no bottem to what roams free on our streets.

“everything has to be funny, or else it would just be true. and that would be ubearable”
-anon. cause i can’t remember

FlyingChainSaw: Actually, it’s not true. Michael Goldfarb (Geezerplex douchebag du jour) suggests insistently but never even comes close to saying that there are others connected to Hopey that are anti-semetic and anti-American. When pressed to say the name, Goldfarb says nothing. Literally. Just stares into the camera sumgly. And then says, “I think you and I know who we’re talking about.”

Christ. The point of innuendo is to not be TOTALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS about it, and then outwardly demonstrate that you are sooooo clever. It just makes you look like a dick. “Oh, well, we want to talk about the issues. People hate negative attacks. And while I’m saying this, I’m drawing a picture of a preacher in a funny outfit waving his arms around and yelling. See how above it all we are? You can’t catch me saying that guy’s name, even though he hates America and stuff. Gosh, when will the press stop smearing us?” Fucking pathetic.

I’m getting too old for this shit.

@chicago bureau: When pressed to say the name by — wait for it — Rick Sanchez.

After yesterday’s Plumber-takedown by Shep, I just don’t know what this world’s coming to.

@baked: And speaking of roaming free on the streets, Phillies phans (sorry, sort of) set “small celebratory fires” on Broad St last night. Oh, and they looted a bit and tried to overturn a school bus full of cops. And knocked over a statue.

nojo: The strangest thing about that whole exchange? He acted like he fucking knew that he was going to get away with it. Douchebag.

@chicago bureau: How in God’s name did McCain end up hiring scum like this? Acted like a twisted child who’d been caught nailing the cat to the tree by his baby sitter – and was proud of his craftiness.

@chicago bureau:
Ralph Wiggum is a geniuz compared to Goldfarb.

@ManchuCandidate: Did you see though, McCain is doing robocalls about Tony Rezko, and one of Obama’s spokespeople actually brought up the Keating Five? Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay, I am chortling in my joy!

No, but at this point why not? Faster Unicorn! Kill! Kill!

@ManchuCandidate: I mean, I respect the whole ‘being positive because we don’t need to be negative’, but seriously. Keating. Renzi. Liddy. Inept Pilot. Flipflopper. Shoot the load.

@homofascist: It’s more “being positive because it worked for Ronnie.” Barry’s doing Morning in America, betting that the voters not yet locked in don’t want to hear the attacks.

Plus there’s the Angry Black Man thing. Don’t want to scare the white folk.



She is so clever.

So flexible.

She can twist around, twist around and take a steaming fucking shit right on her own fucking face!










Sideshow Rahim?

But she’s so purty. What could go wrong?

(On somewhat related topic, a friend of mine once said about a gorgeous ex of his, “She’s so beautiful. How can she be so mean?” I fell off my seat laughing in my cynical manner. )

@FlyingChainSaw: Take a few deep breaths. Drink something. Like that double-strength Stoly.

@nojo: Reek “Dirty” Sanchez probably had to run off and get waterboarded after that bit of on-camera restraint. I dare say I’m proud of his ass tonight.

ADD; I don’t know how to do a screen grab on my Mac, but I hope that this link is still active. Is a handgun really a subliminal message when you’re talking about GOP tactics?

Yeah, but, in re Pamela, I’d hit it. She’s got the serious crazy. Its a crapshoot, but sometimes there’s a payoff to serious crazy. As long as she doesn’t know your name, number, or where you live.

And BTW, “Atlas Shrugs?” A Randtard?

I think I would too, under a fake name (sorry John Cho) but she’d have to bring the puppets.

@ManchuCandidate: God, I didn’t even think of the puppets, oh my. I’d be a little worried where she would want them to go.

@ManchuCandidate: Not John Yoo? That torture support would have you in like Flynn.

Speaking of nuts, did anyone hear Nicole “Put-it-on-my-Neiman’s-card” Wallace on All Things Considered talking about Joe the Plumber being on the “Straight Talk Express” giving McCain advice about economic issues?!?!?! Apparently, “socialist” was JTP’s brilliant insight. Warren Buffett vs unlicensed plumber as chief econ advisor. These people have totally, completely, and utterly LOST IT.

I am completely losing my shit. I just was halfway through a long post on psychosexual wierdness and an experience from back in the day that still haunts me, and it was in response to a post about someone else having a weird experience, and somehow, my finger must have grazed the mouse buttons on the laptop, my post was gone, and now I cannot even find the post I was responding to. Was it a hallucination?

@nabisco: Go into applications. There is a folder called Utilities and there you will find a nice little program called grab that will allow you to do a full-screen capture or image a single application window. Well done. Much more useful than the DOS/Windows screen grab routine of CNTR-SHFT-SCRN/PRNT.


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