Morans. Very. Dangerous. Morans.


Video Report: ThinkProgress Reports from Virginia Tea Parties [Think Progress]

I think we’re heading for something other than cannibal anarchy. *shudders*

@Nabisco: Gail Collins does a good job capturing the madness of the morans. Maybe it’s just me, but Texans talking about secession and the Alamo seems like nothing more than code to hate on the blacks and the browns. Either that or I paid a little too much attention in Texas history in 4th and 7th grades and saw through the cover stories.

/now wants to watch “Lone Star” tonight.

This is the equivalent of screaming when Black Bart sez: “Scuse me while I whip this out.”

I find it interesting all these folks fretting about the world we’re leaving to the next generations. Because the members of those generations — anyone under 30, with the greatest stake in what the world will look like 30 or 40 years from now — have already cast their votes.

These are many of the same folks who don’t believe in evolutionary skienze and that global warming thing. Ironic dissonance is strong with these folks, Jedi.

Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick. Obama’s been president for two months and these douchebags are speaking like he’s on his third term in office: “We’re not going to take this any more. We’re too sick of this.”

Too sick of what, you week-old douchebag?

The heroic story of Texas has got to be the biggest whopper this nation has ever swallowed. White Texans revolted twice in less than 30 years to save their way of life when slavery was threatened. They won their “independence” from Mexico by defeating Santa Anna’s army with the invaluable help of illegal aliens from the United States. Their major problem with independence was the government of Mexico never actually recognized the Republic of Texas and developed the nasty habit of sending armies marauding into the area at will.

After spending all of nine years as an embattled independent republic Texas joined the US in December 1845. In 1850 the state of Texas sold a large part of itself (now parts of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Wyoming) to the federal government for $10 million to rescue the state from crushing debts.

In February 1861, after only 15 years and two months as a state, Texans seceded again. That didn’t work out as well as the first time since by then they’d pretty well burned their bridges with both the US and Mexico. Presumably they were expecting some other nation to bail them out yet again. That actually sounds remarkably like the current talk of Texas secession.

Fun fact – do you know what was the first European settlement established in present-day Texas? Answer – Fort St. Louis built in 1685 by, yes, the French. Funny you don’t hear present day Texans brag about that part of their history very much.

@Serolf Divad: Are you kidding? The psychoconservatives are foaming at the mouth because 1) after decades of being told Republicans win because Jesus loves them and hates anyone to the left of Julius Streicher and 2) the president isn’t a white guy who makes them feel good about being slackjawed fuckwits, vesting them with a false virtue and sense of security in their stupidity. I was shocked he made it to the inauguration without 20-30 McVeigh attacks on federal buildings and total mayhem in the southern states, just non-stop riots and burning by Adkisson Brigades everywhere south of Baltimore. Apparently, Glenn Beck is, too, but he is working his show 24/7 to get people out into the street shooting and burning.

@Dave H: Gosh, that makes them the historical equivalent to Quebec. Francophone and Canadian parallels, I guess they’d rather not talk about. Then again, wasn’t it Texas that retrieved and replanted the Champagne vine cuttings that saved the variety?

The Slackjawed Fuckwits were that band with three left-handed drummers who played nothing but Jimi Hendrix covers, right?

This is the sad result of misguided egalitarianism. There has always been not just a lot, but a majority, of morons in this country and every country.

But in this country we say every side of every issue must be heard, even if one side is scientifically proven and the other side is composed of deliberate fraud and idiocy in equal parts (evolution vs intelligent design, the teabaggers vs reality and intellignece.)

We have taken it so far we have given them a TV and news network, Fox, and a political party. Our politicians, especially the republicans, lost view of the realism of our founding fathers, who were all commited elitists, and realized that any politician who courted the mob, the rabble, for support, would inevitably wind up with a tiger by the tail. And over the last 50 years, the tiger has devoured the old republican party and is nothing but rabble and morons.

I think this is what happened to Rome. They got involved in a land war with Persia and over the course of 100 years it weakened them so much they were ripe for overrun by barbarian hordes.

@FlyingChainSaw: It seems our predictions of armed insurrection before the inauguration were only flawed in the timing. They are well on the road and will try it before he is out of office.

@Promnight: Oh, they’re out there and this is the moment they’ve been waiting for: total confrontation. http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/stlouiscitycounty/story/AE4F696AA4EFA3AD8625759C0063C933?OpenDocument

Nothing left to live for, virtually homeless, armed to the teeth, tens of millions of these guys will be whipped into murderous, burning frenzies. The Hannitys and Becks and O’Reillys are hoping hundreds of attacks on federal buildings and non-stop arson attacks will drive Obama to martial law so they can start screaming he’s a dictator.

@FlyingChainSaw: And who instituted the current draconian martial law procedures we here at Stinque sweat bullets over until they were out of office, but our good friends Bush/Cheney. And who I sincerely hoped would immediately repudiate those procedures once taking office but didn’t is our other good friend, Pres. Obama. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker and tits.

@FlyingChainSaw: Just to inject the other side, the serious side, from historical perspective, when has the popular media, hell, not even the popular media, the lunatic moron fringe media, ever fomented an effective uprising?

No, it takes real political ability, more than that, it takes organization, genuinely intelligent strategic thinking leaders, discipline, secrecy, competence.

This is a mindless rabble with no sane leaders. They can shoot things up and try bombing with various degrees of fizzle, but the minute they do, the sane americans of every political stripe, and in greater numbers, those who just aren’t political, will say, What The Holy Fuck!

And the fact that they are a lunatic fringe will sudenly become much clearer to everyone else who isn’t a lunatic.


Well done! It’s been far too long since we’ve had a good hailstorm of obscenities, which the current SOTU certainly calls for.

Fatherfucker bitch tits!

Help me out, Prommie.

@Dave H: I thought it was San Antonio, settled by the refugees from the Canary Islands (who weren’t too thrilled about the Spaniards), that was the first European settlement in Texas. Then again it’s been 25-30 years since I took Texas History and I’m too lazy to look it up on the Tubez.

@AARPrick: This goes back to Reagan (“The Devil”). Ollie North and his pals (including Big Dick and Rummy) started the ball rolling, evil bastard Reagan signed enabling documents, and away we went, planning and building Boncentration Bamps in the US. I’m too lazy to document further. It’s become an accepted factoid. Lookitup.

@SanFranLefty: Other than SFL and Becky Lee Hood Bell, who had the most perfect soft flawless white skin on the most perfect body with the most perfect mane of thick dark hair and the most perfect face and the second-most-perfect eyes I have ever known, is there anything that has ever come out of Texas that is worth a damn?

gaddamn ajax comment editor is busted again. shit piss fuck screw cock cunt motherfucker.

@Ewalda: is there anything that has ever come out of Texas that is worth a damn?

More importantly, is there anything that has remained in Texas that is worth a damn?

@Nabisco: Remained: some of the kick ass liberals. Unfortunately they’re all dying off.

@Ewalda: Jamie Sommers and Mrs. RML also hail from Texas. See you tomorrow! It’s a scorcher today (by SF standards) and looks like it’ll be a gorgeous day to sit outside in the sun and drink margaritas.

@SanFranLefty: I know, I know. I left many good libruhl friends behind when I shipped out in 91.

Stuck tomatoes in the ground today, “not until May” be damned. Hell if I’m gonna wait until late August again for some homegrown. Local plant shop doesn’t even have their full stock of chilis in yet, but I got some habaneros going.

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