Adventures in Branding

Floor wax dessert toppings never die.

We’re not sure how we feel about our painkiller company making weed killer, but we definitely don’t want our weed killer company making painkillers. We can only hope they don’t mix up the packages, or we’ll be pushing daisies.


Not surprised.

Considering that Bayer also invented (from wiki):
Heroin (TM)!
Tabun Nerve “agent” gas
Mustard Gas

and was once associated with the makers of Zyklon B…

Or that another pillar of the community, Merck, made it’s fortune selling cocaine in the US

Or that the founder of Green Cross once had a very active hand in human “pest” control in China.

It’s not much of a stretch to go from Weedkiller/Bug Spray to “human” spray although I’d be more worried about Chinese Aspirin/Weedkiller as it comes in the same bottle.


Heroin was actually invented to be a non-addictive form of Morphine, if you can believe that….

@blogenfreude: Nice to see that the Germans have not forgotten what they learned about gassing technology in those early, clumsy efforts to gas “mental defectives” in the back of mobile vans using CO, just like in the mousetrap.

Hey, Kingsford charcoal was made by Henry Ford’s brother in law (named King) from the sawdust and scrap wood generated by Ford’s auto factories. Hah!

@Prommie: So those commercials of Brett Favre, pickup trucks and tailgating grills are just a manifestation of the American Industrial Dream?

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