He is Risen, and He is Packing

Not shown: Chocolate Holy Hand Grenade.

Budget Bunny Buster: Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun & Tactical Easter Candy! [GlockWorld email, via RML]

They have items “instock” now? I’ll see you “inhell” darling.

I’ve heard of folks “eating” their guns or “eating” a bullet, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the term used in a positive (?) way.

If He and the Twelve were packing, that scene at the garden would have turned out different.

Reminds me of that Mad TV sketch from a million years ago, where Ahnuld was sent back to protect Jeebus:

“Thou shalt not miss this movie!”


Mmm, choco-bullets. Just what every kooky proto-suicide needs!

redmanlaw: “My father may have forsaken me. Trouble is… he’s forsaken you too.”

[gun battle ensues]

Er, don’t let Flippin’ see the picture of the bunny with the target on it.

@SanFranLefty: I have to preface by saying that I am not a fan, that I never bought into the phenomenon that is the Bruce. I took Mrs RML for her birthday. That being said, I have to say that it was quite a show. Nils Lofgren was an amazing guitarist. He did a solo that would have put Eddie Van Halen to shame. Sometimes the 11-piece band was a little unwieldy, as a Johnny 99, which could have used a more stripped down approach. But over all, he was en fuego. Way over 2 hrs, no break, Patty didn’t stab him.


@redmanlaw: Mr. SFL said the Bruce blogs are raving about the Denver show. Nils is incredibly talented. Did Big Man Clarence ever stand up? He stayed seated the whole time when he played here.

BTW, I think the affair rumors are bunk.
BTW2, the comment I put on your FB page was a quote from “Born to Run” – I wasn’t sure if you got it or not.

@SanFranLefty: Clarance could have spit and walked off the stage and people would have loved it. Is he the only guy left from The Wild, the Innocent, etc? Dude can blow. Everyone gave 210 percent.

I finally got that about BTR. Like I say, I’m not a fan, but I have a working familairity with his stuff. I started college at the University of Denver (when Condi was doing her grad work there) and there were a lot of east coast cultists who loved him to the point that I got sick of the motherfucker. I mocked him for being inauthentic when he married the underwear model or whatever. While Bruce might be the American U2, I still identify more with the outsider ethos of metal. I guess the difference is that BS is looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, while metal occupies a landscape of dispair.

ADD: Metallica’s version of finding the light


Me, I’m a sucker for sunflowers. Firearms are bone-us.

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