Talibunny Daughter Boffer: Talibunny Left Us Alone in a Bedroom to Pestork

Talibunny's House? A Haven for Wanton, Unmarried Sex? Oh, yeah! Don't bite it, Bristol! Don't bite it!

Talibunny's House? A Haven for Wanton, Unmarried Sex? Oh, yeah! Don't bite it, Bristol! Don't bite it!

GOP icon and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Talibunny would have us believe that she runs her house like an evangelistic abbey of sorts, everyone running around barking about Jesus, quoting the bible non-stop, shrieking the Lord’s praises and only having sex in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and only to breed fanatic Christians eager to die while killing islamofascists.

Levi Johnston, the white trash son of a hillbilly drug dealer, who impregnated Talibunny’s blithe, wanton daughter, Bristol, has completed an interview for the Tyra Banks show (airing Monday) in which he admits, however, that the Talibunny knew full well he was savagely pestorking Bristol – and even made sure they had a comfortable bed room in which to enjoy privacy for these satanic rituals.

Johnston, however, did not address the question that the Talibunny perhaps had further plans for him, like inviting him into 19-way sex romps with her husband, Todd, their dog-sled team dogs and a trained bear they keep on hand for these sessions. Those questions will perhaps be answered in a made-for-cable-TV movie in which Johnston and the Palins and their animals will play themselves.


So much for the slow Friday newz dump.

Talibunny is more forgiving than parents I know, specifically my own.

My non Fundie mom wouldn’t do such a thing. When I lived with my parents, my sister came to visit with her, uh, non Korean aka evil aka white boyfriend. My mom kept them in separate bedrooms to keep my sister’s chastity.

At the time, they didn’t know my sis and her boyfriend had been living together in sin for the last year and a half. When the parents found out much later, they were seriously pissed. My mom turned to me, pointed her finger at me and told me that “No way in hell you’re ever going to live with a woman before marriage.”

Also mom incorrectly thought I was a virgin at the time… You betchya!

Stop jumping to unfounded conclusions!!! How do you know that Governor Palin didn’t think that these were perfectly innocent all night, closed-door Bible studies?

@ManchuCandidate: Slow except for the shooting, but remember – it’s bank failure Friday! I predict three.

The Aristocrats!

Also, I love that you knew — or checked — the number of dogs in a sled team.

@mellbell: The Palins aren’t the only dog lovers out there.

As much as it’d be funny to have the Hillbilly Pestorker with the last name of Johnson, it’s actually Johnston. And it’s Tyra Banks. I guess Chainsaw isn’t quite the obsessive viewer of “America’s Next Top Model” as the gheyz and girls here are.

TJ: First Dude Todd Palin’s little sister arrested for burglary at two different homes in Wasilla.

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