GOP Pervert of the Day

This story appeared last week, but given the paucity of good Republican sex scandals, I thought we should have a look.

Points for: getting caught in his house, by his wife, with children present.

Points off for: no wetsuit, straight sex, no fatalities.

Degree of difficulty: 2 (hookers at once).

Score: (Vitter Standard Scale): 3.5 diapers.


“I’m a victim…”

Cry me a river, Skolen.

I’m shocked this was ever documented. The police in every town routinely keep criminal behavior like drunk driving and spouse abuse and drug possession off the books for the right kind of upstanding citizens. People expect the wealthy and well-connected to behave like pigs and aren’t too surprised when it happens. The police could probably have found Skoien and his two “friends” naked and rolling around at home plate in Wrigley Field at high noon and nobody would lift an eyebrow.

Oooh that quote from Skoien from someone’s previous scandal was great:
“This doesn’t present the image of the party that a lot of us like to believe the party is.” No shit? The constant sex scandals might be interfering with the family values jive?

@Dave H: Local customs vary. I have seen the cops take great relish in knocking a bigshot down a notch. If this guy voted against police raises at any time in the past, for example, they would screw him in a heartbeat. I have lived in towns where the cops arrested the mayor, because they were fueding with him.

@Dave H: If they were inclined to ignore this, it was too late once he called the cops on his wife for domestic violence.

I saw this and shrugged.

1) He was with two girls. Good for him

2) He wasn’t forcing one or more at gun point to join in a cannibal ritual

3) At some point, apparently, he has had sex with his wife

4) The fun was all home-centered

Therefore, the guy could have been a Democrat. It just doesn’t have the kind of really wanton hypocrisy and cackling psychosis of your average Republican scandal.

@FlyingChainSaw: The angle I like is that he called the cops as though he hadn’t done anything wrong. Like Vitter, he thinks he can keep doing what he’s always done. Not so.

@blogenfreude: Yes, very twisted. He should have offered the cops dibs on the pros and given them each a bottle of gin. Or offered them $20 each for the opportunity to suck them off in grand old party style.

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