A Weekful of Wingnuts

wingnutzA little inside baseball to get everyone ready for the new week:

1) Michael Steele, having been thoroughly humiliated by the GOP faithful, will stop giving interviews for a while.  A Republican spokesman who can’t speak. I like it.

2) The latest thing among the selfish classes is “going John Galt” – this means that Randians stop contributing anything useful to society (in the event they were doing so in the first place) and settle back to watch civilization collapse.

3) Cramer feels “blindsided” – is in hiding, spinning, trying to forget …

4) The New York Times has replaced Bill Kristol with … another right-wing idiot.

5) BREAKING: Cheney still a douchebag. Tucker Carlson still a douchebag. Karl Rove still a douchebag.


Oh my, the Randianites are going to withdraw from society and stop contributing to it? Can you withdraw further than mom’s basement? They gonna stop paying Mom rent, even in theory? Going to dig a hole under the basement and stop using the socialist internet? Yay! That’ll mean that about 2/3ds of the Paultards will disappear.

@Promnight: I was unaware that they were contributing to society.

@Mellbell – Are you going to organize this year’s March Madness pool? Hopefully Benedick and Cynica will participate based upon uniform color schemes.

@Nojo: Will you promote said Stinque pool?

@Baked: It’s 7 pm in Kah-lee-fornya, does that mean your furbabies have arrived on Monday morning in Israel?

The Wingnuts need a few more weeks/months/years like this.

@SanFranLefty: I’m definitely in. I never let total ignorance stand in the way of my participation.

@Mistress Cynica: Honey every year when I’m in March Madness, it never fails that the straight boys and a few women agonize over their picks and it’s always the queens and ghey boyz who pick teams based upon color scheme and “who’s the hottest” that win the office pool. You and Benedick should just win right now, because I bet you will… :)

@SanFranLefty: More than happy to. Just slip me the details.

@nojo: Hey Nojo, I have a hamster, a new pet we got this weekend for the 9-year old. We have all fallen in love with it.

@nojo: I think MellBell and Jamie Sommers will be in charge of the Stinque March Madness pool.

Winner gets drinks on me in San Francisco. I will not pay for your airfare or hotel. Just your alcohol.

@Promnight: I actually prefer rats, but ya gotta go with the stereotype.

@SanFranLefty: With this group, that could be the most expensive item.

New Mexico’s in tha NIT, baby!!! Whoo – powerhouses like Creighton, St. Mary’s and Rhode Island! We’ll be crushed by CornHusker Du in the first round.

/grabs whine glass and heads for hot bath . . . mumbles “Benedick is right” . . .

@SanFranLefty: Per your suggestion, I checked out the SI website, and I don’t much like the Facebookiness of it. I’m still partial to Yahoo! Sports. If no one minds terribly, I’ll set up a group there in the morning and pass along the details to nojo.

Count me in on the pool.

In re Going Galt — some strategize about stiffing waiters as a plan. Brings to mind the story of a woman who was waiting on a guy and had the misfortune of wearing a Black Eagle button. Said woman was then treated to a lesson on redistribution (which is French for not tipping).

Can people stop calling them “conservatives” and start calling them “assholes,” please?

@chicago bureau:
I must have missed something – what is the theory behind stiffing waiters? How is that Galty?
I realize calling it part of “going Galt” is probably just cover for being stingy prickfuck douchenozzles who love to hate on people with “lesser” occupations, but I assume they have concocted some Randy nonsense around it.

Jebediah: Galtness of it all: Those who stiff waiters keep their dough as opposed to being altruistic and compensating waiters for what they are already being paid to do. Or something.

Oh hai — Stanford’s in the… College Basketball Invitational Tournament? So the NIT needs an NIT now? I guess the 9th place team in a 10-team league needs to play somewhere in the post-season. Oy.

STINQUE SPORT/SPORTS UPDATE: Apparently, there are four D-I post-season basketball tournaments — the real one, the NIT, the CBIT, and something called the collegeinsider.com Posteason Tournament, which sounds just dreadful.

Notably: for those in the CBIT, according to the San Francisco Not-For-Long Chronicle, “teams were required to pay $60,000 to host games in this event last year, and a similar fee is expected this season.” Really.

@SanFranLefty: They keep Frito-Lay (maker of Cheetos) in business.

@SanFranLefty: I’m in charge? Boy, are we in trouble.

My luck in March Madness pools has been shitacious for the past few years so, since I didn’t give up anything for Lent this year, I’ve decided that I’m betting on all the Catholic school teams.

@Jamie Sommers, Amen: Catholic schools have long been my secret strategy. If there isn’t a Catholic school playing, I go with the team likely to have the most Catholic students, which led to my memorable victory in predicting the upset of OU by the Ragin Cajuns of Southwest Louisiana State.

Hey, speaking of sport, is this guy a real Fan, or what?

“BAGHDAD – Police say an Iraqi soccer player has been shot dead just as he was about to kick what could have been the tying goal in a weekend game south of Baghdad.”

A fan for the other team shot the guy when he was driving for the goal, one on one with the goalie, in a game the fan’s team was winning 1-0.

Fan is short for fanatic. No surprise in a way.

@ManchuCandidate: This is why concealed carry is insane, especially in the SEC. Don’t ever think an LSU fan would’nt shoot a Bama running back who is about to win the game for Bama at the last minute. Hell, it would turn into one of those funny crim law exam questions, five Bama fans shoot the LSU RB simultaneously, but only one wound proves fatal; police are unable to identify which bullets came from which gun. Discuss.

@Jamie Sommers, Amen: Never fear, MellBell is going to put together a Stinque bracket.

@Prommie: “Everybody run. The Soccer Mom has a gun.”


We had to sign a pledge in my kid’s league that we’d leave the heat at home for games. (Not just me, but everyone, smartasses.) I am liking the new Glock very much, btw.

Invoke the name of Bear Bryant and state that the LSU RB was just asking for it.

@Mistress Cynica: Ooh, that’s good. I think you can also count schools named for places or things named for Catholics, which permits LSU, Maryland, VCU and Louisville.

@Jamie Sommers, Amen: Careful with VCU. Virginia, remember, actually refers to the famously Protestant Virgin Queen Elizabeth rather than the BVM. Can’t recall if Maryland is named for her Catholic sister or someone’s queen consort.

@Mistress Cynica: Thx. I looked up Maryland too and that’s named for King Charles I’s wife so there goes that idea. But wikipedia says it was the Catholic colony, so I’m stickin with it.

@Jamie Sommers, Amen: So, Siena over THE OSU, huh? That has a nice ring to it.
And Xavier’s “Musketeers” to beat the Portland State “Vikings”.
I guess it’s easy, then, to pick UCLA (LA = The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola) over that school named for the daughter of the excommunicated adulterous heretic of England (VCU).
Also, Gonzaga over Akron.
Gee, I might even join in the fun this year, using the Cyn-Sommers strategy. I know absolutely nothing about college basketball, so any strategy looks like a reasonable substitute for actual handicapping knowledge.

@Ewalda: I started my Catholic strategy years ago because Jesuit schools often had very good b-ball teams and no other sports. They recruited heavily from urban Catholic high schools where b-ball was pretty much the only sport as there was no room/money for football. I’ve had good luck with it over the years, often beating out insane sports freaks in the law firm final four pool.

@Mistress Cynica:
Ever considered becoming a bookie? No sarcasm, as that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard about betting on the March Madness.

@Mistress Cynica: Good recruiting tool all around too b/c when else do such small schools get national exposure.

I count only 7 Catholic schools in the tourney this year. Last yr I think it was 9 and the yr before 10. Who pissed off St. Christopher?

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