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What happened to the question mark?Title: Chariots of the Gods

Author: Erich von Daniken

Rank: 61

Blurb: “Includes remarkable photos that document mankind’s first contact with aliens at the dawn of civilization.”

Review: “By turning the gods into mysterious and high-tech aliens, Däniken makes it possible for modern man to re-enchant the world, while still being firmly rooted in the space age.”

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Footnote: Once again we’re befuddled by aliens in the Amazon Top 100. Even the news of a new movie version doesn’t explain it. Did someone switch reality for a Firesign Theatre album when we were asleep?

Chariots of the Gods [Amazon]

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Apparently, there is a proposal for a movie based on the book.

I actually have the book and read it (hey, I was about 10 at the time.)

What I found funny is that Erich assumes that “primitive” non whites are essentially retarded and thus need aliens to help create the amazing structures that they really built and the science/inventions they found.

It’s still in print?? Wow. I read it when I was about 8 or 9. I thought it was pretty silly even though though I did enjoy reading it. Fantasy is always so much easier to read than real history. Not that I’d bother cracking it again but as I remember it the book is a rather interesting example of a literal mind being unable to grasp metaphor or myth.

BTW. Just finished reading Suite Française which is stunning. A beautiful work made from a time of despair. Highly recommended.

I was led to Von Daniken through Immanuel Velikovsky. I was led to Velikovsky by My Weekly Reader! Absolutely true. When I was about 11 they ran an article on Velikovsky’s book Worlds In Collision. I read it, and one or two others that I could find in my local library. This, of course, eventually led to Von Daniken. Von Daniken was a piker compared to Velikovsky. Immanuel Velikovsky could really bring the crazy. Von Daniken, on the other hand, just wrote some rather stiff sci fi.

@Ewalda: Good god, I’d forgotten all about Velikovsky. And remember – not from Mr. V – the flat earth theory that had the north and south poles be portals to the interior of the planet where the aliens lived?

That’s when a tin-foil hat really was a tin-foil hat. Now it’s just Republican talking points and fundies. Sigh.

Chariots of the Gods was my first exposure to the Nazca Lines. Many years later I haven’t seen an explanation for those markings that seems much more believable than von Daniken’s.

Velikovsky versus the scientific establishment. It’s likely that in the long run neither is correct. I think the TRUTH of the matter is contained in this quote by J.B.S. Haldane, “My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” A line that could have been written just for Stinque.

I’m just gonna back slowly out of the room here, mmkay?

Anything that discounts the role of the Reptilians is suspect in my book.

And, when in Dulce, New Mexico, please be sure to visit the top secret Greys-US American government human-alien hybrid genetics lab below Archuleta Mesa. The gift shop is out of this world.

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