It’s the Other Shadow That Disturbs Us

Help Wanted: Groundhog Fluffer

Punxsutawney Groundhog Club

@ManchuCandidate: Oh I don’t know. I’ve been gobbling knob for years and never had anything but requests for more.

The sign painter is culturally illiterate. It’s SCHLONG GOBBLING. Doesn’t this twit read Stinque?


I should rephrase that. Unfortunate choice of words for a groundhog.

Only if Dildo and/or Come-By-Chance Newfoundland had a ground hog day.

When I saw Groundhog Day, I thought they made up the name “Gobbler’s Knob” as a joke. Hmmph. Pennsyltucky, with all its the quaint place names like Blue Ball, Intercourse, and Gobblers Knob.

Chris Elliot is in that movie, I do love that man, why I don’t know.

About last night: USA Today focus group picked the Doritos “Crystal Ball” ad as the best. And it gets better — two brothers from Indiana with nothing better to do (because, you know, they’re in Indiana) wrote the ad. Oy vey.

Times may be good. Times may be bad. But hitting a guy in the jimmies with a hard object is timeless.

@Prommie: This is why we have to get so freaking nuts about Sport. I’m soooo tired of the damn groundhog.

BTW, I have about eight pounds scrapple left over from weekend prep. Anyone? Bueller?

So did anyone else watch the all day Closer marathon on TNT yesterday? Notwithstanding Kyra Sedgwick’s ridiculous Southern accent, that show is pretty good.

6 more days to Warner/Fitzgerald/Boldin domination!!!

@Jamie Sommers: Hey how you doin’, sugar? We missed you last night.

Time has got the full ad blitz here. I didn’t catch the Pedigree ad last night, but that David Duchovny voice-over at the end certainly woke me up this morning.

Also, if you’re a young’un like me, or just culturally illiterate, here’s the inspiration for the Coke Zero ad with Polamalu.

What on earth does that groundhog have under his let arm?

@Mistress Cynica: @Prommie:

It’s not a sex toy, is it? For the love of God, it isn’t, is it?!!?!?!!

Does anyone remember laughter politics?

“According to the Albuquerque Journal, federal authorities have asked for information involving the Democratic Governors Association as part of the ‘pay-to-play’ investigation that derailed New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson’s (D) nomination for U.S. commerce secretary.” (

Oh, shit!

A ground hog ain’t nuthin’ but an overgrown gerbil….

Tickertmaster is trying to sell me three behind the stage seats for Springsteen’s Denver show for $95 . . . cutting my request to two tix now . . .whew – got two in the lower nosebleed seats at 10:00 from the stage, so we’ll see the whole show.

Pepsi Center, here we come!

@SanFranLefty: Hey thanks! Busy weekend around here. Why, what happened yesterday???

@Jamie Sommers: Sport, and a man shoved his crotch into a tv camera.

@redmanlaw: I think Bruce was doing spoofs of those who came before him, he made a Prince reference, he might have been imitating Bono with the crotch shot, he was having fun, I think.

@blogenfreude: Looks like we’ve made a friend. Well done.

@Jamie Sommers: Black Eagle’s god is now 2-0 vs. John McCain’s god.

@Jamie Sommers: How about “you’re right Ma, it’s not the (dry) heat, it’s the humidity”?

@Prommie: I’d heard of Blue Bell, PA but never Blue Ball, but lo and behold, Blue Ball, PA exists. I thought there was a Mianus, PA (based on a Jackass episode I saw), but Google only gives me a Mianus, CT. There are lots of things you can do in Mianus.

Oh, and NYC’s knock-off Punxsutawney Phil bit Mayor Bloomberg this morning. Haha! There can only be one!

@fupduk: I think it’s actually related to a woodchuck.

@blogenfreude: Which boosted our daily readership by — let’s see here — ah, yes: 1500 percent.

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