Nice Drumsticks

Oh well … Cards could have won with a break or two, but teh Football Gods sez no.



The Bidwills deserve nothing from the Football Gods save a smiting for the way they’ve run the Cardinals over the decades. One year of surprising competence changes nothing.

I watched the game at someone else’s place, and reserve scorn for the Seahawks and 49ers fans at the party who rooted for the Cardinals. You don’t pull for division rivals to do well in the playoffs. It’s not done.

That outfit makes the Baby Jeebus cry. No wonder they lost.

@blogenfreude: She’s moving something of yours, that’s for sure. I guess it’s my NorCal showing, but I am so not a fan of the pneumatic lips and boobs. That’s one of many reasons why SoCal local teevee news horrifies me.

@blogenfreude: Ugh. Man. Blur out the face, and it’s an ok picture, but that’s a face that would scare me off in the dimmest bar. But I’ve never liked the cheerleader types that much, so I’m not at all surprised by my reaction.

@Mistress Cynica: It may make baby Jesus cry, but you won’t see many grown (hetero) men carping about it. And baby Jesus ain’t the target demographic for that outfit. Accept it and move on, there are so many more interesting things to care about.

Also: strangely, the most appealing thing about that picture for me is her arms. I’m not sure exactly why this is.

@IanJ: She does have nice arms. No tricep jiggle, which is the bane of most non-anorexic adult women’s existence. Granted, she doesn’t have Michelle Obama’s guns, but what she has are good for a white girl.

@SanFranLefty: I think that to some extent it’s the lighting. Here is approximately where I give away my status as a photo nerd (among many other types of nerd which I also am). I like the highlight and the shadow, particularly on her right arm.

@IanJ: Yes, darling. You like the shadow. On her arm. Yes.

(We may have to stage an intervention here, people.)

Did Dubya dress like this when he was a cheerleader? That’s a picture I’d like to see.

She has large facial features, yes, a large mouth, but thats just lotsa red lipstick to match the team colors. Yer a buncha picky bastards, is what I mean, shit, you’d stain your drawers if she said hello to you, is my guess. I know I would.

Her name is Angie.

The one named Marcie is an electrical engineer, if you are looking for a little more intellectual wattage.


you’d stain your drawers if she said hello to you

No, I’d probably wonder what the scam was.

No electrical engineer I went to school with or worked with ever looked like that. Where did she go and why the hell didn’t I go there? (Not that I’d get anywhere with her, but she would have been an incentive to go to class more often.)

@IanJ: Yes, you are right, the appropriate thing to do would be to feel for your wallet before her accomplice takes it, but not me, no sirree, I am vain, and therefore, my response is “finally, here is one who understands just how great I am.” By the time she is through, she will have my wallet, my car, my watch, my dignity, everything. At that point, I will begin to wonder if maybe something is up.

@Prommie: Damn you, I had to go and peruse that site. Aren’t they all precious with their “Brittani” and “Brittany” spelllings and chestal enhancements and whatnot. Did they help their team win? Decidedly not, and very possibly because they actually have a Californian by the name of “Jaime” who is neither latina nor male, meaning she’s spent 18-20 years explaining to the DMV that she is not in fact a landscaper from Tijuana. Hijuela.

ADD: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Sure, Yes, Yes, (really, why are you asking?)….

@ManchuCandidate: Here ya go:

NFL cheerleader, Fullbright Scholar, PHD biologist who discovered a new species of mouse lemur in Madagascar, nominated for 2 emmys for her work as a National Geo TV correspondent. Hmmph. I hate when people make me feel ugly and dumb. And unsuccesful. One or the other I can handle, but all three?

@Prommie: Is that King Kong in your pocket, or are you just happy your team won?

I googled “PHD and Cheerleader.” Its interesting.

@nabisco: “Brittany Coast” would be an amazing cheerleader / stripper / porn star name, would it not?

And I though *I* was farting around on the job today . . .

@nabisco: Ah, this is torture for me, I am taking one for the team, it just makes me feel like an old and ugly failure. And these ones make me feel dumb, too. Jeeze.

@redmanlaw: There’s an eerie vibe in the corridors of power today. The rank ‘n file are caught between exhaustion and euphoria over Sport and fear for the return of the Guv from TB and his budget speech on Wed. which is likely to include a fair number of job cuts.

Just checking to see if this worked…

hmmm….that’s better….

@nabisco: Teh market is dribbling downward, cannibal anarchy looms. One thing about the Obama “Stimulus,” clearly it was designed in large part to help the State’s meet their budgets, which is why the republican Governors have no problem with it at all. As the Senate Republicans fuck it up and take out all the State subsidies and replace them with forever tax cuts, your States will be revising upwards the state employee layoffs. Yay!

But the Steelers won. Circuses, without the bread.

@nabisco: The dichotomy was illustrated by programs on adjacent AM stations I was tuning in this morning while making coffee. One was all about Sport, while the other was all about Our Crappy Economy. The euphoria of the former is not erased by the reality of the latter.

Maybe Jamie can find us a tivo of the KVOA feed on the local comcast system yesterday.

@redmanlaw: Go to deadspin. They’ve got full coverage. (heh)

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