Satyam Means Truth

Yesterday I posted on the Satyam fraud – Satyam is an Indian outsourcing company.  Pricewaterhouse Coopers is Satyam’s auditor.  And because PwC missed the $1 billion elephant in the room, they might have a problem:

PwC said it was examining [Chairman and CEO] Raju’s statement but could not comment further due to confidentiality issues.

The fraud could cause problems for PwC. Since Satyam was listed in the US, investors can turn to the courts there for recompense, and there are legal precedents for holding auditors accountable.

I love the smell of litigation in the morning.

$1 Billion Fraud at India IT Group [FT]

And don’t we have a PwC because the C had problems with Enron? Math is hard.

@nojo: Easy to sue accounting firms in some states, harder in others. Federal court also difficult, but my own interest is in the fight, not the outcome.

That reminds me, I should pee on the grave of Arthur Anderson when I get the chance.

Is ANY rich person honest anywhere? Jeebus.


Don’t worry too much about PwC. They’ll just change their name ala Arthur Anderson = Accenture, and–tah dah!–everyone will forget all about it. Those wacky kidz are gonna be just fine.

somewhat related: “IT companies in Bangalore, including Infosys Technologies and Wipro, received an e-mail last week threatening to blow up their facilities, according to police officials.”

Then there’s the intimidation of the media in Mexico as regards reporting on the drug trade . . .

Does this mean they won’t be tabulating the Oscar winners this year?

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