One of These is Not Like the Others

Well-knotted ties: 1

  • Unindicted war criminals: 1
  • Fun brothers: 4
  • Documented hummers: 1

  • Native English speakers: 4
  • Promised not to lie to us: 1
  • Haven’t lied to us yet: 1
  • Asshole mothers: 1
  • Legitimately elected: 4
  • Threw up on foreign leaders: 1
  • Spooks: 1
Obama hails `extraordinary’ moment with presidents [AP]

created and actively nurtured the conditions for world wide economic ruin: 1

dear god, jimmy carter is bilbo baggins!

don’t give that credit to the puppet, cheney has every right to be standing in his place.

Claims he’s a good ol’ boy from the South: 3

Actually is a good ol’ boy from the South: 2

Can walk and chew gum at the same time: 4

One has put more idiots on the federal bench.

@ManchuCandidate: Give Bill Clinton his due. For all the hue and cry over the raft of Clinton acolytes joining the Obama administration, very little is said about Larry Summers and his role in helping bring about this mess.

A fitting addendum to “Asshole mothers: 1” might be “Asshole wives: 2.”

Also, H.W. has a fun brother?

@mellbell: And don’t forget Bob Rubin and the other deregulators.

mellbell: I don’t know what Bill Clinton’s theme song would be. From this picture, Busta’s “Woo Hah! (Got You All In Check)” came to mind for some reason. Seriously.

Dude got run because he brought “oral pleasure dishonor to the White House.” The replacement? Well, Russia is pretty much the same. They were a mob-riddled state with vindictive oil barons and a buffoon for a leader. Now: the same, except switch out “buffoon” for “autocrat with boundless ambition.” Same difference. Meanwhile: two wars (third stuck in the shipping dock but almost ready for delivery), economy cooked with a delightful, crispy black carbon crust, and Amendments 4, 5, 6, 8 and 14 taking several standing-eight-counts in the past few years, and looking rather wobbly.

And there is Bill, rolling in the Oval Office, with the next Secretary of State in tow. Read ’em and weep, boys — notwithstanding Black Eagle, Bill Clinton is back in the win column.

[TJ] Minnesoda canvas board member issues buffet-style bitchslap to W$J in re him, Al Franken. Ya. [/TJ]

@chicago bureau: Must control urge to kill; despise Clintons, despise, hate, Clintons, despise Clintons. Just Look At HillaryCare. Just look at it, just look at it in all its kludged-up complicated corporate sellout wonkish policy school interested parties all represented and carving up the pie shitty stupidity. You would think it would be impossible to come up with a healthcare system that would be worse than the way things are now, but she did it, Hillary did it, with a privatized sellout to the insurance companies that retained all the worst attributes of the current system and combines them with a selection of all the worst and none of the best attributes of a single-payor, “socialized” medicine system.

This is why you must hate Clintons, all thinking people must hate Clintons. Fucking stupid fucking policy. Policy devoid of any values or principles and which deals with competing interests by simply cutting the baby in half in every instance, buying out anyone who screams regardless of the validity of their grievance.

Here’s another great example: The Privacy Rule, the wonderful new rules “protecting” the privacy of your financial information. Its a combination of the very stupidest ideas on the regulators wish list (idiotic, pointless paperwork requirements and process-oriented rather than result-oriented rules) and ginormous fucking loopholes that that financial companies can drive giant fucking aircraft carriers through.

Here is the best; when you open an account with a financial company, a bank, a credit card account, whatever, they must give you a notice of their privacy policy, and and opt out, which gives you the right to prohibit them from disseminating your information. Note, now, that “privacy” is not the default, under the rule, you must request privacy. Think thats bad enough? It gets worse. Every year, once a year, while the account exists, the financial company has to send you a new Notice and Opt Out. You see, eventually, you will forget to opt out. Its a deliberate trap.

Clintonian Policy. No values, no principles, no stand, just cut a piece for each party in the argument. In the end, you were better off with no rule at all than a Clintonian rule.

Fucking whores, both of them. In every way. Sham marriage, whoreing for and with each other and anyone else nwho will pay them a speaking fee, contribute to their PAC, invite them to the Renaissance Weekend, kiss their asses. But if you blow them, they will sell you down the river.

@Prommie: Don’t forgot the added post-9/11 PATRIOT Act goodness which allows (requires?) your bank to ask whether you are a U.S. citizen. I refuse to answer, and have been warned of the consequences, but am hopeful that the government has better things to do than freeze my measly bank account.

@mellbell: OK, adorable new avatar. Dance recital?
A friend in Canada was recently complaining the the bank he has used for 40 years wouldn’t deposit his check without photo ID. When my cyn was without a driver’s license, he couldn’t use anything but an ATM to do banking. It’s completely ridiculous.

ADD: JNOV checked in on FB. She’s doing better and sends her love.

I’m going to have to amend the following:

Fun brothers: 4 3

Native English speakers: 4 3

I don’t think Bush I has a fun brother or is a native English speaker.

White man makes in-flight bomb threat, other members of his race still permitted to fly. No profiling plans announced.,0,5324632.story

@redmanlaw: They shouldn’t let white males go to high school, I think. All they all do is shoot up the place.

My boss brought in a lamb again, damnit. Its 10 hours old and crying for the bottle.

@Prommie: Lamb photos! Please?

I guess this means lamb shanks are off next week’s menu, eh?

@Mistress Cynica: Ballet, with slippers spray-painted silver to match the ribbon on the tutu.

Navajo law quote of the day: “An arbitration clause must be set in the manner of hazho ‘ogó (standard of care), so as to make a clause iishjani adooniil (clear and obvious), therefore it will not be made t ‘aa na ‘nile’dii (not recklessly, carelessly or with indifference to consequences) resulting in making the arbitration clause nabinaheezlago be t’aa lahji algha’ deet’q (comprehensive agreement).”

Green Tree Servicing, LLC v. Duncan, No. SC-CV-46-05 (Nav. S.Ct. 2008) (holding that mandatory arbitration clause in financing contract for purchase of mobile home was unenforceable under tribal traditional law).

@redmanlaw: I have to agree with that rule. Each party’s consent to the agreement to arbitrate must be knowing, and voluntary, these rules effectuate those ends, by making sure the clause itself was prominent and understandable.

@SanFranLefty: Alas, this lamb is not in good shape. He only brings in lambs which are abandoned by their mothers, this little girl is beautiful, but tiny and frail.

DEVELOPING HARD: Barack Obama wins the election. Dick Cheney told me so, so it must be true.


@redmanlaw: Here in NYC they love arbitration/mediation clauses – gets the case off their docket. Near impossible to get out from under one.

Choked on baked goods: 1

Should choke on a bag-o-dicks: 1

Lusted in heart: 5
Alkie parent: 4?
Inhaled: 4
Snorted: 2

@nabisco: Well done on the recreational drug angle.

@redmanlaw: Yikes. Did you notice those Presidentures?


Isn’t Obama’s healthcare plan essentially the same as Hill’s? Require us all to pay insurance premiums to private companies? That’s what I don’t get: How can you force people to pay for something they already can’t afford? It’s not like people are dropping their healthcare coverage so that they can buy a fancy suit or a dress.

They’re trying it out now in Taxachusetts, but I’ve not read any updates on how that’s going.

@Original Andrew: Well, they are 95% alike…

I think BarryCare had an out for the poor, while HillaryCare forced everybody in. Or something like that. But really, both plans will be unrecognizable after Congress mangles them.


The herculean challenge for Congress will be making sure the insurance companies get all the money, while we get none of the benefits. It’ll be hellacious hard work, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

Heh. I’m picturing Ben Bernanke in a wizard’s cap, waving a wand and saying “Equitus Loanus!” Healthcare financing probs all solved! Nothing could possibly go wrong.

I love the look on Bubba’s face, he thinks he’s at a strip club or something….

From the Disney Imagineers (L-R):

Poppy, Hopey, Dopey, Gropey, Mopey.

@FreshCliches: @Benedick: But don’t leave Poppy out of this. You think Skull ‘n Bones was all work, no play?

That photo nicely illustrates Shrub’s fetal alcohol syndrome features of his face.

I’ve never noticed before that Shrub really is shrubbier than Bush.

@Jamie Sommers: He’s the one who set up Dubya in those failed businesses, so yes.

@Jamie Sommers: He’s a tall man. I was v surprised when I saw him in the flesh. Bunnypants is too but Poppy is tall.

@FreshCliches: Excellent.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And the understudy.

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