Here, You Deal With It

Keith just spent half his opening on the latest Talibunny Tale, but we can’t bear to watch.


Christ, nine minutes of that? No way.

It is amazing how seemingly articulate she can be when she has the questions submitted in advance. She does admit that the additional Katie Couric interviews were a mistake, which I think almost passes for insight. And you don’t want to see the Mama Grizzly rise up. Oh. No.

@IanJ: The pitch is that she takes some swipes at Katie, Keith and Tina Fey somewhere in that nine minutes of your life better spent elsewhere, and gets catty about Caroline because Miss Camelot is beloved by the media.

I’ll probably get around to it later, but it’s too early for beer.


“Sad state of affairs when we start accepting news from bloggers…anonymous bloggers.”

Right. Not serious journos like “da Plumbah”.

But *sniggers* that she opens up by talking about Trigg and the “alleged” maternity therein. Work that Stinque award, sister!

I learned early on in life that when you dig a hole you stop digging.

Apparently Sarah didn’t get the message (like it seems most things she deals with.)

@nojo: Not interested. Sarah Palin is so completely last year’s news, I can’t be bothered. She can natter on all she wants, I’m far more interested in going home and sweeping the floors.

Great. John Ziegler, aka Nate Silver’s bitch. Enough said.

“What is it that drives someone to believe the worst and perpetuate the worst in terms of gossip and lies?”

Previously answered by Real America™, 4 November 2008.

Finally, pop quiz:

Are either Bristol and Levi a) attending classes, b) enrolled in any alternative study program, such as a GED?

If neither – guess what, bitch? They’re dropouts.

@nabisco: Speaking of which, there’s the pro-Israel commercial again. I keep expecting Sally Struthers to turn up.


Or even better: When’s the marriage for the sinful, Hayll-bound couple??

/Off topic/

Ok, they’ve closed I-5 to the south and possibly to the north of Seattle due to flooding, and they’ve closed the east/west mountain passes due to snow and avalanches. WE’RE CUT OFF FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!

Cannibal anarchy may be coming early to Sea-town.

@ManchuCandidate: Starting to feel like it. It was a mean rain to ride through on the way home (but I saw four or five other bikers tonight, which was very encouraging).

Status report: I made it about 60 seconds in. What’s the cutoff for a Medal of Freedom?

@IanJ: But we want her to remain on the national stage. We need her. For one, as long as she’s around, the Repugs won’t realize what fools they are. For another: E-Z Blogging.

Like homofascist, I’m amazed at her articulacy (spell-check didn’t underline that, so I guess it’s a word!). And glad she didn’t display it in the Katie interviews. No matter how much editing was done I can’t believe “This Media” made her sound like more of an ass than she is.

But this does bode well for a Palin 2012 run. Should be fun!

The guy interviewing her is incredibly deft at asking the same question over and over again: unto us, Prophet Sarah, reveal the Holy Stigmata. I could only watch half it. Does he beg to eat her panties before the end of the interview?

@FlyingChainSaw: Yes. Her panties are fine slices of smoked salmon. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

@FlyingChainSaw: Or a hockey match. Plus, I hear she makes her own cream cheese and capers from snatch.

@Pedonator: Yes, she developed the recipes as compliments to the fresh salmon she catches with her teeth while swimming the Bering Strait during her regular patrols.


…while swimming the Bering Strait during her regular patrols…

Someone has to guard us against Putin and his REARING HEAD.

@Pedonator and @FlyingChainSaw: While simultaneously breastfeeding and killing wolves from an airplane.

@SanFranLefty: For some reason whenever I see Frau Palin I always think of that ’70’s commercial for Enjoli:

I can bring home the bacon…
fry it up in the pan…
and never never never let you forget you’re The Man!

@Pedonator: Yes, exactly, and what better proof of her ability to keep Russian aggression at bay than the fact that in her time as Supreme Plenipotentiary of I’llAskHer Russia has not attempted to invade the US. @SanFranLefty: Yes, killing wolves with missiles fired from an unmanned airial vehicle controlled by her psychic powers.

And while communicating Directly to God about His will for His America and Her Adkisson Brigades.

I checked out that silly site and found it to be, well, frankly, silly. One of the silly postings was about how horrible theatre people had been to the poor conservative writer because they’re all so libral!!, such as. And how he basically had to stay in the closet (sic) about his political beliefs. And this is a man who claims to have worked on Broadway and LA for years.

First off: there is no theatre in LA. There are various self-help groups that stage public interventions but no theatre. Older LAyabouts claim that, though they work in movies because of the money, their heart belongs to the theatre. Which is, of course, bullshit.

Secondly: his claim is crap. Most people who work in the theatre tend to be liberal in their POV but then most people who think a bit and are somewhat aware of the world tend to be liberal. But I have never seen anyone persecuted because s/he voted for Ronnie Raygun. For some reason, people who do musicals tend to be much more conservative and are given to prayer-circles to make sure that evening’s performance is personally supervised by the Prince of Peace. And the money people are often supporters of various tax-cutting loonies but then, money people usually are.

I tried to post a response (yes, I am that big a loser) but was told to slow down, that I was posting too fast. However, I found it fascinating that in one of their opening salvoes against an ‘industry’ that actually is a free market, and a brutal and bloody one, too, they enlist the aid of a woman who has lived off the public purse for years.

Oh. And she will never go away. She’s like Richard Simmons. She’ll still be pulling this crap when we’re manufacturing crappy toys for the children of China’s exploding middle-class.

She looks exactly like Peggy Hill.

John Ziegler is one of those KFI nutballs and a Grade A Fucktard. Now the asswipe thinks he’s a film-maker.

David Foster Wallace picked him apart spectacularly when Ziegler still worked in Louisville.

@Signal to Noise: This is a super amazing article that I spent most of the morning reading. I highly recommend it for good weekend super-shitty weather reading.

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