Self-Defense for the Self-Deluded

This is a “Palm Pistol”. It costs $300. Perhaps because it looks like an inhaler, the manufacturer tried to register itself with the FDA as a “Medical Device Establishment,” and the pistol as a “Daily Activity Assist Device,” but even the Bush Administration couldn’t swallow that one.

So while the pistol missed its shot as the first FDA-approved firearm, it’s still being marketed as “ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have dexterity limitations”:

Medical indications for use include but are not limited to arthritis; peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy, infection, traumatic injury or diabetes; phalangeal amputations/fusions/fractures; distal muscular dystrophy; multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome; ganglion cysts; side effects of certain medications; and inclusion body myositis.

If any of these conditions apply to you, pray that you still have the marksmanship of a sniper: The Pocket Pistol packs only one bullet.

FDA nixes proposed ‘prescription pistol’ [AP]

Palm Pistol


Didn’t anyone think this through? Lawn Darts are sheer brilliance compared to this (and I had a set of those growing up) and probably more dangerous than this idea.

With one bullet, you’re going to need “magic bullet/golden BB” kind of accuracy.

Unless of course, this was designed by Dr Jack Kervorkian…

@ManchuCandidate: That’s why the company advocates buying two at a time and their reloader module, just another $320 MSRP!

Faster, Grandmama, Kill! Kill!

The ShamWow guy would be leap at selling this dumb idea.

They’ve had those for cats for years. Blech.

No, no, I think you are all missing the point. I think the seniors are supposed to use it on themselves.

I happen to own a few shamwows, and man they sure do work.

Speaking of bad ideas: y’all remember Canada? You know — curling, true diversity (sans Don Cherry), dirty left-wingers with their free health care and clean streets? That Canada?

Apparently, while everything was going all kablooey down in U.S. America Illinois Chicago Ravenswood, Stephane Dion [the guy who pulled the whole “let’s toss Harper” thing last week] is oot of a job. As your new Liberal leader, please welcome to the show…. Michael Ignatieff??

Merry Christmas, PM Blimpie.

@chicago bureau: @ManchuCandidate: Srsly, who can lead the Liberals who isn’t a skeeze?

I don’t know. The whole Martin/Cretien mess drove a few possible contenders out. The only one I can think of off hand is Frank McKenna, a former premier of New Brunswick.

I think Bob Rae is another choice, but he has that “Rae Days” mess to deal with. And he’s a former NDPer except his family is big in the Liberal Party.

rptrcub: Ken Dryden for one. Ivy Leaguer like Ignatieff (Cornell), but also a Hall of Fame goalie for the Habs. Perfect.

The only trouble is that he is soft on communism. Evidence: Game One of the 1972 Summit Series.

(Joke liberally (of course!) stolen from the irreplacable Rick Mercer. Apologies to Rick and co-writers.)

@chicago bureau:
A strike against him. He was the Maple Loafs Preznit.

Smart guy, but he’s a little unseasoned and banking on his famous name (odd to say as he is my age.)

My 78-year-old mother in law has been looking for a handgun that she can operate with her arthritic hands. (You can take a woman from the ranch, but you can’t take the ranch out of the woman.) Someone engaging in a little alternative dispute resolution shot out the front windows of her next door neighbor’s place. Apparently they had an issue with the neighbors’ granddaughter the drug dealer.

Double action revolvers and semi-auto pistols require too much trigger pull for her, and you have to rack the slide on a semi-auto to put a round in the chamber, clear a jam or empty it for cleaning, etc. She also doesn’t have the strength to cock the hammer on a single action revolver.

The only thing that works for her is her little mouse gun, a Beretta 950 .22 short semi-auto that is prone to jamming but has a light trigger pull. She also had an awesome Remington pump action .22 LR take down rifle for her ranch gun that is amazingly accurate and fun to shoot. I have it now. I should take it out this weekend.

Things are getting worse here. Little old ladies in parking lots are daily strong arm robbery targets here now. I don’t even want to think about next summer.

The Palm Pistol is chambered on 9mm, and is a single shot device, btw.

Just what grandma and grandpa need: a gun that looks like a douche or an enema!

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