Sing Along With Stinque

No, it’s not a Theme Jam. We’re just desperate for photos.

Sing Along with Stinque [Flickr]

a horse is a horse of course of course
and no one can talk to a horse of course
unless the horse is the famous mr. ed

come right to the sourse and ask the horse
he’ll give you the answer that you endorse
he’s always on a steady course, talk to mr. ed!

(from memory, sadly. but not as sad as nojo having this album)

Sergio seems to enjoy hamming it up for the camera.

All the photos of my late dog show her with the doggie WTF look on her face (ears cocked up, head tilted and forehead scrunched up.)

Lurve orange kittehs…
Will try to post when hangover subsides.

@Mistress Cynica:
you are on my mind, hear me?
that gig mr. cyn had was so awesome. total bummer.
sending hugs, things will work out, somehow, someway.
usually for the better. hang in there with me cyn.

@baked: Thanks, sweetie. Thinking of you big time today. You say his ex attacked you in a supermarket? Does she live in T&C? Yikes. Maybe crossing an ocean or to will be a good thing. Hang in there…we’re here for you.

@Mistress Cynica:
no, thank god she’s in philly, but i fear her flying monkeys.

Photos from the Atlanta protest rally coming soon. It was beautiful: thousands of GLBT and allies from different religions, creeds and colors supporting one another. No hatred. No spitting. And no fundie harassment!!!!11!1!

@rptrcub: I have sent in some of my SF protest pictures. Insanely gorgeous weather here – it’s in the mid-80s and everyone was schvetzing from the heat. I have more photos but my camera was being slower than Xmas in sending them to the jam.

(In case anyone is wondering, that is NOT me holding the Magic Underpants sign, but it made me laugh. I should have asked her to take a picture of me holding the sign, come to think of it).

@baked: Hey I meant to tell you in re your comments about all your hubbies and fiances – don’t some of them not count because they were gay? ;-P

gay husbands don’t count? kinda like you don’t have to count the guys you slept with on vacation? i like your positive thinking. hell, while we’re in denialville, why count any of them!

18 hours to RAT !!!!

@baked: Yes, or kind of like how you don’t count the calories of food consumed while standing up.

P.S. I don’t think I’d want to count the vacation guys. I did travel across Europe for 9 months when I was 20 years old.

i was a club med fan at that age. everybody knows GO’s don’t count!
aren’t they part of the all inclusive package?

How can you be even scared? We all saw pix of you. You’ re sexy, and you’re funny. How do you not have the upper hand?

I forgot to add. You’re rich, too. At least, not poor. So, if he’s rich, too, everyone’s motives are not necessarily pure, but on the table anyway.\By the way, if that’s the primary consideration on either your part or his, bail out now.

I’m guessing the guy holding the “Jesus Wept” sign is an Episcopal priest. Love all the protest shots — beautiful.

@Mistress Cynica: I demand to see your kittehs! My neighbor has a new teeny tiny kitteh that makes my head explode with his insane cuteness and little teeny kitteh nails digging in my arms. Can we go spend our lives drinking wine and playing with puppies and kittehs?
@ Prommie: Very cute behbeh photos. Still doesn’t make me ovulate like photos of the Unicorn and little kids. Or puppies and kittehs, come to think of it. Nice try.

Andrew Sullivan’s coverage of today’s (er, yesterday’s) protests is, to steal one of his more annoying verbal tics, indispensable. This post in particular had me welling up.

@SanFranLefty: Strangely, we had relatively few Mormon signs, although I forgot to take a picture of the Cunt-ry First sign. It was freezing here, and windy — but exhilarating. Now if we can keep the Day Without Gays thing going, that’ll be super extra awesome.

The scary thing is that our solitary lesbian state legislator, Karla Drenner, is warning us that the phobes in the Georgia General Assembly are feeling emboldened — gay marriage is already banned here, so they’re going for adoption next (Arkansas Initiated Act 1 banned it this year in Ark.).

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks — the people were too, and I mean more than the “oh the guys were so hot” way. It was just an incredible span of diversity that choked me up.

And yea, verily, the Unicorn was with us. “Yes We Can” = awesome chant.

cubbie, lefty
i loved your pics. i noticed the diversity in the crowd and it choked me up a little too. thanks for going you two. stinquers represent!

i was just saying yesterday i knew the first ordained female rabbi.
took them a few thousand years, but they did get around to it 20 years ago. remember when women were denied entrance to medical school? not so long ago. 50% of med school students today are girlz.
love you for getting out there, how these 2 things i just mentioned happened. YES WE CAN. now i’m verklempt.

10 hours to rat…i’m so nervous!

lynn, money has nothing to do with our problems. we have never ever fought about money. he’s generous to a fault, as am i. never came up.
your input is appreciated though, you know that.

i’ll have my old computer back (tonight!) i will send you puppeh and kitteh pics that you will need to put a helmet on before viewing, to keep the noggin from blowing up…….

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