Step Aside, Senator Quayle

Sarah Palin had to be told Africa was a continent, not a country. Need we say more?

Actually, yes. Lower-left corner: Fox News. Upper-left corner: Live. Not shown: Massive fainting.

And by the way, Rupert Murdoch’s empire lost twenty percent of its value today. Technically unrelated, but still.


Heh. Angelina Jolie thought Africa was a country, too in an interview she gave while she was the UN Goodwill Ambassador or whatever she was.

Since Republicans don’t really give a flying fuck about Africa anyway, I am not sure this bit of knowledge would have mattered.

@homofascist: If this was a Countdown clip, I would have agreed. But the news here is the source as much as the anecdote.

Consider: Can National Review excommunicate Fox News, or is it the other way around? This is high comedy.

@nojo: Oh, don’t get me wrong. Watching this clip made me leave a wet spot on the couch. Of course, I am an urban EEEEEEEEEEEE-litist.

By the way, who’s paying off Shep, and how do we contribute? Near the end of the clip, he pointedly corrects the party line that the economy dun sunk the Psychogeezer, and not Talibunny.

Seems the McCain campaign starting losing steam the day after the Couric interview, not the following week, so sez Shep. Reading is fundamental!

Ya know what? I would not hit that. Thats all she was, the ultimate sexual fantasy for 40+ guys. But I would not hit that. Hot chicks ignored me all my life, except for the rare instances when there was something I could do for them, when they thought they could charm me and use me, (most often at work, when I was their boss) and I have real sensitive antenna, and I always knew and never ever fell for it, in fact, it angered me, yes, I have that geek’s rage, “you wouldn’t give me the time of day, but now you want saturday off, and you are flirting with me, you disgust me.”

Thats exactly my response to palin, the fucking winking and flirting. I was absolutely enraged that someone would so obviously try to play me.

And the funny thing is she affects the look I would normally love, glasses, but that illusion falls immediately.

I cannot express how much I hate that cunt. She is why there are misogynists.

C-A-T: cat!

D-O-G: Rhode Island!


Fucking Talibunny really is a Talidummy.

Where did the real lacquer haired marionette from the Thunderbirds look alike Shep Smith go? Why is he suddenly asking intelligent questions?

ZOMG! Is anyone watching South Park? It’s about the election, and the McCain supporters have built an ark to escape South Park.

@Promnight: I hear you. Now imagine how a geeky feminist woman might feel about someone like Palin. For the past two months, I’ve regressed to 9th grade and all of my horrific inarticulate rage at the cheerleader captain. I have tried several times to write it down and work it out and I couldn’t stop using obscenities. I had grand plans of a feminist opus to share with all y’all and I couldn’t get past “Fuckity fuckin cunt how does she think she can play that motherfucking game and why do fucking asshole men fall for it?” – glad to hear you are one of the good ones who see through it. Not that I would have doubted you.


I would not, could not, hit that box.
I could not, would not, with big cocks.
I will not eat that with my tongue.
I will not eat that in a bunk.
I will not bang her here or there.
I will not bang her anywhere.
I do not do the Talibunny.
I do not wish that on anybody.

@SanFranLefty: For every woman that ever struggled to be taken seriously, Palin’s every wink at the camera was a stab in the heart. “Sarah, you ignorant slut, who did you sleep with to get that job, anyway?”

She was attractive in her way, but the stupidity and her awful personality is a major boner killer for me.

Beauty might be skin deep but ugly’s right down to the bone!

@SanFranLefty: Hey, geeky feminist, you are one of two stinkies I have met in person, and I would so hit you, but for, etc, etc. And of course the issue of whether you would consider me worthy. But as that silly woman and her high-school mean girl ways drags you back to your high school insecurities, I just want you to know, you are so much more hittable than she is.

There is no need for a feminist opus on this. Men who respect women and consider them as equals simply do not fall for the palin shit, and they do appreciate the kind of woman that you are. As for the rest, fuck them. Which means don’t fuck them.

@ManchuCandidate: @Promnight: Ahhh, thanks guys!

@Mistress Cynica: Egg-fucking-zactly, sister Cynica…

Yeah, who would build an ark? ;-P

rat said something very funny about palin, and right on topic here.
he said, “she makes my dick shrivel into my body”

he may be an asshole, but he ain’t dumb. that first wink made him hurl. even lying cheats like smart girls.

@Mistress Cynica:
sarah, you ignorant slut………hehehehe
my first lol of this day, mistress!

missed the south park ark, damn! tell us what happened.
btw, you made me teary with the pics of independence hall and the liberty bell. i have such love/hate issues with philadelphia. and now that song is stuck in my head too. ‘philadelphia freedom’.

also, when and why did “philadelphia lawyer” become a slur? or an insult. a compliment? i never knew the origin of that distinction from other lawyers elsewhere. anyone?

let’s replace that song in our heads with:
“where do all the hippies meet? south street! south street!”
i miss south street. is ‘lickety split’ still at the corner of south and 4th?
one of my hang outs back in the day.

i met gay husband #2 there…..good times.

“beauty fades, dumb is forever”
—-judy sheindlin (judge judy)

@JNOV: Don’t hate on Angie! I was in on her early days as a goodwill ambassador, and she really was a remarkably quick study and went out of her way to be of use to us rather than the other way around, which is unique among celebs. I also shared post-9/11 trauma with her in Asia during a briefing about refugees, although I admit that I also just enjoyed having her look at me.

@nojo: How many more Foxers will bail or get the boot? As I mentioned on election night, during the five minutes the missus and I tuned in to Brit Hume and that ex-ABC guy, they were already starting to gnaw each others’ arms off, and it was only 9pm!

@nabisco: I can never hate on goodwill ambassadors because Audrey Hepburn was once among their ranks.

@baked: South Park election episode

It’s kind of amazing how quickly they got that turned around.

@JNOV, @IanJ: I gotta believe they had two versions of last night’s show prepared. I hope someday the “lost” episode leaks, I bet it was even hilariouser.

@mellbell: A lot of them require serious handling – I never heard any stories about Hepburn, but Roger Moore was a total d*&k. Jolie, for better or worse was willing to tag along on the dicier field missions, go days without bathing (or makeup!) and always paid her own way – again, a surprising rarity.

Things may have changed post-babying. She was still with Billy Bob during my time.

hilarious and a tad…eerie?
thanks ian!

pedo, agreed!

@baked: Lenny Bruce said of Eleanor Roosevelt: “She gives me a soft-on.”

same thing! btw, i’m still crying over the old black man you encountered. a day for glory indeed.

Hi, I’m back. And this clip is like getting a puppy on Christmas morning. I don’t know the non-Shep guy, but OMG he is totally gossiping and hyperventilating! How fucking hilarious is he! I’m so happy for him that he can finally tell us all the scoop!

Oh, I love it. I cannot WAIT to get all the juicy tidbits. I feel like I want to go out and buy a notebook and write them all down, using a large feathery pink pen with red glitter ink.

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