Wasting Away in Pumaville

BO and his staff must have some dirt on some of the people that “supported him” [ontherocks, 7:41 pm]

As Rush Limbaugh said today, 57 million said “no” to Obama, and 10 million white did NOT vote as compared to 2004. That means 67 million people did not choose Obama. WE are the majority! [Ex-DemInVA, 7:45 pm]

We are on the path way to hell….as I told my mom through tears last night. I was scared that us PUMA’S might be put into concentration camps or things like the sort. I remember telling my best friend: How do you think we’ll die there….? [MakowashiNatsuko, 7:51 pm]

I really do not want to know if BO’s actual father was a communist or a Kenyan, but the place of birth is a more significant honesty issue as it pertains to his qualifications. Somebody knows. [Headclunker, 7:58 pm]

I can tell you as a healthy hetero male, if I wanted a woman I could dominate it would be a bo supporter. Any woman that would take that crap and still vote for him is easily controlled. [snowtiger007, 8:00 pm]

blogging can be dangerous… Obama doesn’t like when we talk the way we do. And he knows he is now the most powerful man in the nation. [CJ, 8:52 pm]

Wow, Carl Cameron on Oreally just unleashed on Palin. All from inside sources, or course. Shopoholic, didnt know countries, temper, greated aides coming out of shower in bathrobe. They would NEVER say this about ANY man. McCain needs to put an end to this. [hillfan4mccain, 8:59 pm]

I just saw a clip of the Obama family coming out on the stage last night all coordinated in black and red. Someone mentioned it earlier today, but I hadn’t seen the speech last night. This was an obvious attempt to make some statement, esp when you dress a little girl in all black. Keep this in mind for the future. [BigCatLover, 9:18 pm]

Well it has started already they are watching and the silencing of anyone speaking out against Obama as a legitimate president. I can not use my yahoo email any more… [GBPuma, 9:25 pm]

Leave Sarah alone Fox or you lost a faithful viewer. [CJ, 9:38 pm]

A Home for the Homeless [Puma PAC, Wednesday night]

We should probably whip up a ‘memo’ from the Obama transition team about rounding up and transporting PUMAs to the FEMA camps and send it around the Intertubes just to see how long it would take for Fox News to report it as fact.

From: Office of President Elect

In order to assure a safe and orderly transfer of power…….

Hee hee.

I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact the folks they supported with all their prune hearts lost or they think that people think they’re so important.

I love it – those are the seedlings of blogs that will sprout next spring, bringing us full time employment and an expanded wingnut roundup.

Can’t wait to see the PUMAs and the survivalists/snakehandlers team up. Imagine, if you will, the day’s first lesson on the bayonet drill field. “But, Mr. Bubba, why do you want to attach a knife to a rifle that is supposed to shoot bullets?”


I never really heard any racist shit until this week and especially the last couple of days, like we suspected the harsh reality of a non-white president is finally sinking in and the shit is rising to the top.

A relative last weekend asked my daughter why she would vote for a baby-killer. I told her when the fucktard says it again, tell him that Obama doesn’t want to kill all babies, just white babies.

A co-worker yesterday said his fundie wife told him that Obama called and said for him to get off his white ass and work, or the black master will be mad. I told him that when the blacks take over my family is gonna be house-whiteys as I supported and donated to the Obama presidency.

Oooh, the Google adbot has Tim McGraw Cologne “made for bad boys”. Is a Todd Palin cologne not far behind?

Tim McGraw & Todd Palin: that would be the awesomest sex tape ever.

@rptrcub: Prison theme, or B/D? Oh right, in the woods theme.

@rptrcub: Ooooo! That would require a special screening by the Stinque gay caucus (cockus?)

@homofascist: Yes. Oh, yes. The Stinque Select Committee to Promote Vice and Immorality.

@AARPrick: Tim’s the top, Todd’s the bottom.

@AARPrick: Well, those crackerass whiteys are going to learn, we are gonna drive them to school in the car of pain come Obama-time.

When I run into a bitter, I have taken to telling them “you better be scared, whitey.”

@Prommie: Obama said knock you out.

My dad’s side of the extended fam are those Bitters (but GOP bitters). Thank the FSM I’m going to South Cackalacka to a thanksgiving of my mom and dad alone (they work the day after and they face a 6 hour drive each way from Columbia to Atlanta).

Whoda thunk South Carolina would be a refuge from fucktardery? Hail Columbia….

I was scared that us PUMA’S might be put into concentration camps or things like the sort. I remember telling my best friend: How do you think we’ll die there….?

Puma will die in the concentration camps because they are too stupid, if these posts are any indication, to figure out which end food goes in without a diagram and someone offering encouragement.

Well, I’m back from Madison. Did I miss anything interesting?

Oh. Right.

Christ almighty — I was looking at the previous post (the Cheerleader not knowing who was in NAFTA, thinking that Africa was a country etc.). Think about this for a second: this information would not have been disclosed if they had actually won. I mean, we all knew that she was a dimwit. But the level to which this went. And PUMAs were buying into Tailbunny? God damn.

I’ll have something more to say about this later tonight in longer form. (Some good stories about Madison and environs during the run-up. Missing three days of work, however? Does put a bit of a crimp in my blogging style.)

@FlyingChainSaw: @Tommmcatt Yet Again: The FEMA Concentration Camps kept showing up in that thread, despite a few attempts to shoot it down. I’d guess about half of the folks there have tried sending money to Nigerian princes.

To that end, here’s a winner I didn’t include:

I was told today that the world leaders from france, germany spain, and bush are going to have a meeting on november 16th with regard to a world currency. it plays into what you will learn when you google this stuff.

Yes, that’s right: If you Google it, it must be true.

@chicago bureau: Did you see Endy in Madison? I realized a few days ago he’s still MIA.

@nojo: Do you think we can lobby to have the new world currency called a Stinqueroo?

@rptrcub: @homofascist: See guys, when you think about some smutty puerile things you would like to see, it (kinda) takes the edge from our pissed off.

It really saddens me that the concentration camps comment is signed with a Japanese name (that, as far as I can ascertain, isn’t derived from anime or something), implying that the speaker is a member of a group that actually was put into American concentration camps due to a war, based on equating ethnicity with “Amercian-ness” and loyalty, and the parallel now is with….well, do I have to complete this sad chain of thought? Who was the one who carefully parsed the difference between “Muslim/Arab” and “decent family man” in an effort to defend Obama from his own insane supporters again?

The “healthy heterosexual” one is pretty intense. My guess is he was a pretty big Palin fan, maybe even with fan-fic stashed in his underwear drawer.

nojo: I would have, but I don’t know what Endy looks like. But I had my head down, nose-in-book style, for most of the weekend anyway.

@BRB: I’d have to go back through the thread to confirm (nooooooooo!!!), but that caught my attention too. As I recall, the writer is from the midwest (Indiana?), moved to maybe Cali for college, and has a Japanese-American friend.

Bonus: She’s a history major.

I just saw a clip of the Obama family coming out on the stage last night all coordinated in black and red. Someone mentioned it earlier today, but I hadn’t seen the speech last night. This was an obvious attempt to make some statement, esp when you dress a little girl in all black.

I thought it was a reference to Stendahl. Or the Sandinistas. Or Blue Oyster Cult.

@chicago bureau: More fun details, the McCain staffer figured out that she thought Africa was a country becuase at some point during the process of trying to prep her, she asked the staffer to explain whether South Africa was a part of the country of Africa, like a state, or was it a seperate country.

N.B. I have been seeing lots of black helicopters lately. And chemtrails, too. Don’t you see whats happening, people?

BTW, anyone else ever notice that people who address groups of people by using the word “people” are always, always, batshit crazy?

@Prommie: I think we need to cut her some slack. You can’t see Africa from Alaska, after all.

@AARPrick: The LAPD beat Prop 8 protesters in WeHo last night. BBC has the video while first hand accounts trickle in. That’ll keep your anger going. Violence in Sacramento, too.

@Prommie: Not to mention black helicopters and chemtrails. Break out the tinfoil!

Hey, anyone see that El Rushbo’s electoral math, as reported here by Nojo, has become the new pigfucker cryptic code-meme for rebellion and opposition? I have seen “56m” or “56 million.” Thats how many people voted against Obama, so I guess that means its okay to hate him. They’re gonna start printing T shirts with it and spray-painting it, I am sure, like “88.”

@Prommie: That will be one incredibly pathetic rebellion.

@rptrcub: Haha and now we get to tell them “love it or leave it!”, and throw all their hateful bullshit right back in their faces.

“Dan Hutchison . . . drove directly to an Albuquerque gun store, pointed to a dull black Israeli-made AK-47 rifle and slapped his driver’s license on the counter for a background check.

“‘I’m disappointed,'” Hutchison said. “‘This country is going down the tubes in a hurry.'” He forked over $829.95* and added, “‘It’s time for the Rapture.'”

” . . . for those who took to heart those warnings of socialism, terrorism, Muslimism and laws that will raise taxes, proliferate abortion and take away guns, Wednesday morning was the dawn of uncertain times.

“When liberals feel uncertain, they gather at Flying Star, drink too much coffee and blog until they feel better. Conservatives, I had been assured, go shopping for guns and ammo.

“When I talked to Valerie Jackson at Charlie’s Sporting Goods** last week, the presidency still hung in the balance and she laid out her version of an Obama administration like this: “‘If Obama is elected, you’ll be out of business and so will I, because he’s going to take away the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment and then he’s going to go after our religion.'”

– “Run on Guns”, abqjournal.com

@BRB: We had Japanese internment campss here in Santa Fe during WW II.

@FlyingChainSaw: I’ve read that attaching a bayonet to a rifle actually hurts its accuracy. Maybe if they left the damn thing off, dudes would not get so close so that you would actually need the bayonet.

I’d be a healthy heterosexual if this damn cold would go away, and my knee feels a little loose on the inside lately.

*The Chinese and Romanian made models are much cheaper, starting around $350. Mrs. RML says I can’t get one. Damn – the true mark of revolutionaries everywhere.

TJ/ Will Harry Reid finally grow a spine and tell Joe Lie to fuck off?

@Prommie: And 59 million voted against Bush in 2004. What, exactly, is their point?

@Promissary Note: Back to the discussion of entering public service from last night’s thread, I have a friend who is Bill Richardson’s Special Assistant on [ ] Affairs, a “policy” position, and she spends most if not all of her time sorting out squabbling factions, trying to get stuff done, putting fires out, soothing egos, etc. Any actual formulation of policy comes when she puts her stylishly-shod foot down in talking some sense to the raft of assholes she has to deal with. None of that sitting at a polished wooden desk chewing on the end of a pen thinking one’s way through an issue for her. (That’s actually more of what I do when not on the interwebz).

@redmanlaw: I was thinking more Secretary of Commerce or Agriculture. Can’t you hook a brother up?

@Prommie: Shit. I couldn’t get myself named Minister of Trout Fishing here after Richardson won in 02. I did get my brother named to the state Board of Education and a friend’s Uncle Bob put on the New Mexico Livestock Board.

New Mexico is about to take it in the shorts due to the drop in severance taxes related to the drop in oil and gas prices. We’ll probably see some significant cuts in government spending next legislative session. Richardson would be leaving at the right time with the gravy train falling into the gorge.


IF we had more seats, I’m sure they could. However, they are going to need him when legislation comes down to the wire, so unfortunately it’s going to be four more years of Joementum….


Sad, sad, sad. I was there for a while…these were not a group of people that were going to riot. Still, any excuse to beat a queen, right? Fucking facists.

Latest Richardson rumor: Ambassador to . . . China? WTF?

“The Governor has a confirmed meeting with Obama in mid-November at which time an offer for him to be Ambassador to China will be accepted. Remember, Ambassador to China is where the first George Bush got a step up. This comes from deep inside Obama’s camp, and from what I can tell very, very reliable…The Gov. responded several weeks ago to a request from Obama about what four positions he would take and how he was qualified for them. The four the Gov. sent in were: Secretary of State, President of the World Bank, Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador to China.”

– joemonahan.com; see also abqjournal.com. I heard this rumor a couple of days ago but didn’t bother to post it to Le Stinque because it seemed ludicrous even by our standards, but there you go.

NM GOP death throes: “It was worse than Custer. At least Custer shot a few.”

@mellbell: Or, if you want to talk popular vote, let’s go back to 2000, shall we?

@IanJ: Oh, sorry. I was going to put that I won’t be spending any money there in the future due to wingnuttery. I like my local Santa Fe gun stores, anyway (incl. a woman owned shop).


(Scroll down for profile on Tina Buchen. Her shop was in a scene of “No County for Old Men.”)

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I say just count him as a Republican and be done with it — you can’t trust him anyway. There are more reasonable repubs (Snowe springs to mind) that they can appeal to if the bitter bastards are threatening a filibuster.

@redmanlaw: Fair enough. Although, honestly, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a gun shop anywhere that doesn’t suffer from some amount of election bitterness. I guess the true measure is how batshit crazy they go about it.

@redmanlaw: Does Bill speak Chinese as well as French and Spanish?

@Mistress Cynica: Do you think Harry Reid has the balls to even threaten to go nukular on their asses?

@Pedonator: Don’t know, but there’s some interesting results in a google search of “Bill Richardson” and chinese.

@pinkoscum: Or UGA fans. (Wishful thinking on my part.)

@redmanlaw: Amb. to China is a serious ambassadorship unlike, say, Belgium or even London. When we were in Japan it was Tom Foley, but still it does seem more like a parking lot assignment for a man still in his prime.

@pinkoscum: al frente con el Frente

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