Meltdown (cont’d)

Item: Liddy Dole has brought an ad insinuating that her Senate challenger, Kay Hagen, is a closet atheist.

Nothing has been decided yet, of course. But, good Lord, they are grasping at straws like mad, aren’t they?


I heard he’s a notorious homo sapien.

Wait, is the bad part that she’s a closet athiest, or that she’s a closet atheist?

“Closet” is a weird word when you think about it too much.

Liddy apparently thinks Doles are owed a Senate seat. Not quite.

That’s bananas!!!

(ha. see what i did there?)

Jamie Sommers: I see what you did there.

One pineapple enema for Liddy would do quite nicely for punishment, thank yew.

(Oh, and thank yew tew, IanJ, for making my brain throw a gear. But, of course, there’s nobody who counts that doesn’t believe in the existence of closets. And if there is somebody that denies closets, that person would be a bad American.)

Just pulled this comment off of the Charlotte Observer politics blog. Comment Of The Year, Internet-Wide:

Oh my golly gosh. A godless hussy running for North Carolina Senator.

Now who could it be that is paying for all those ads attacking a good Christian girl like Libby Dole? Who could it be?

Could it be… SATAN?

the Church Lady

@Jamie Sommers:
Heh. I always like Chiquita better.

@chicago bureau:
THAT atheist is really a Sunday School Teacher.

Liddy Dole IS the gnarly, cackling skeleton in someone’s closet.

@chicago bureau: Not exactly the mental gear-stripping I was going for, but that works too. I was riffing on my near-permanent “Atheism isn’t a bad thing” theme. With the press of a button, that converts easily into “Being a muslim isn’t a bad thing” too.

But indeed, someone who didn’t believe in closets? That would be just plain wrong, and well worth a smear campaign.

In more “sad news for republican senators,” Gordon Smith, R-OR, is running ads attacking his opponent from the Constitution Party.
Trailing your democratic opponent: really bad.
Having even to acknowledge a third party candidate: Priceless!

@Jamie Sommers:

Eeesh. A cover for something that comes in a natural cover. Gotta love marketing!

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