Senator Intertubes Vows to Fight On

The Talibunny has forsaken him.  The Psychogeezer says he should resign. The head of the NRSC calls his conviction a “disgrace“. Even Mitch “My Old Kentucky Homo” McConnell has had enough.  But the Hulk vows to smash everything in his bid for another Senate term:

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) is returning to Alaska tomorrow to resume his re-election campaign, “despite being convicted of felonies that carry the potential of years in prison.” “It’s not over yet!” Stevens said yesterday. “You’ve got that right,” said his wife, Catherine Stevens.

And the best part?  Ted can’t even vote for himself

That’s a voter purge we can be proud of, my friends.

An update from The General after the jump:

The Talibunny takes over The General’s blog to explain her comments about Senator Ted:

By asking Sen. Stevens to “do the right thing,” I was inviting him to join me and my spiritual warfare advisor, Mary Glazier, in a prayer assault against the Obama-supporting witches who put free furniture in his house and made his remodeling payments disappear.

And while we’re at it, Ted, Mary, and I will also ask God to punish the Obama witches who caused poor young Levi’s man juice to shoot out his little goalie, through his jeans and onto Bristol’s shoes where it crawled up her leg to her sacred place and did a little nasty dancing with her ovum-American.

Glad she cleared that up.


I hope that he crashes and burns and the Dem gets the seat, thereby avoiding Talibunny from appointing herself.

The one lesson in all this is to stop digging (especially if the hole in the ground was part of a bribe to you.)

For guys like Teddy, I say keep digging because it only makes it worse. The worse it gets, the sweeter the schadenfreude.

On a related topic, the anti-Net Neutrality bill is all but dead now as he was one of the biggest cheerleaders for it. Heh. When it rains it pours.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s not a hole – it’s a series of tubes!

Damn am I enjoying this … wonder how he gets replaced? Palin, special election …

The amazing google comes to our aid:

rptrcub: That’s definitely the read — Tubes is probably down fifteen in today’s snapshot poll, and down twenty-five tomorrow.

But still: they did elect Sarah Palin, didn’t they?

@chicago bureau: Stevens, Palin – I think the cold numbs their senses.

About the Obama TV special.

Read the comments. The Stupid really really burns.

@chicago bureau: Back when she was elected, the people saw her as outside the corrupt machine of Murkowski, Stevens, et. al. I remember on Brand W that she actually got some respect in ’07; but we all know her now for what she is.

@ManchuCandidate: It frankly beggars belief that the campaign was offered the timeslot by ABC and turned it down. Surely some machinations can be brought to bear on this before tomorrow, right?

these guys are like the undead. blood sucking vampires. dead, but won’t lay down. his timing was bad, if this happened a year ago, he would have enjoyed his senate status til now. the wooden stake in his heart to take him out is the election is so near. but like CB says, we’re taking about people who voted for brainfreeze. so who knows.

Could be. I don’t know what happened there.

ABC’s always been the more conservative leaning programming wise of the regular networks. Aside from Faux News, Faux ran a lot more “left leaning” programming (see Simpsons etc.)

Food for thought: Alaska has early voting. Any sentient being should have known weeks ago that his goose was cooked, but it will nevertheless be interesting to see what kind of ding this puts in his support.

ManchuCandidate: You ain’t seen nothing yet. All of you non-baseball fans without an interest in the Phils or the Devil Rays — do us a favor and pray to FSM for Game 5 to be finished (a) tonight and (b) with the Phillies winning. If the end of Game 5 is delayed to Wednesday, everybody will be jumping on Barry about preempting the game. And it will be teh stupid.

(Incidentally — Bud Selig is a fucking moron. We know this. Yet it bears repeating. Last night was a farce.)

@chicago bureau: And where did they get these umps? You could could get better calls by hiring 6 Mexican day laborers from in front of the plumbing supply store on 11th Street near my house.

BTW the NBA season starts tonight. Good for Obama?

@chicago bureau:
I enjoy beseball, but I hate the announcing of Joe Buck and especially Tim McCarver so I only channel surf the series.

And yes Bud is a dunce. 2002 All Star Game redux and the stupid start times for the fucking WS games.

I seem to remember a WS game that was played in the rain in Phillie that I stayed up till 1am watching. Not a good one if you were a fan of Mitch Williams or the Phillies though.

Allegedly they’re supposedly the best of the bunch.

I’m pulling for the JNOVs in the series against the team fka the “Devil Rays”. A Rays win means that psychochristians will point to the dropping of the “Devil” as the reason they.went.all.the.way. Rays lose the Series, the Dark Lord laughs and the US American Taliban take it in the shorts.

Breaking: Tsumani warning in NM – CongDel may go all Dem; lawsuits filed v. GOP vote supressors incl. likely future woman congressional candidate; Richardson shaving beard, probably will be moving on soon.

From Indian County: Indian Country Today newspaper endorses That Eagle; roundup of coverage on Hillerman’s passing.

Also: Fresh from The Tonight Show, Michelle Eagle is in Mrs. RML’s hometown of Las Vegas NM today (2 hr by car from the Albq airport – is she taking a small plane?). She and her mom already have Santa Fe in the rearview headed to the rally.

TJ: Telemarketers in Indiana walk off the job rather than read McCain attack script against Obama. Robocalls are illegal in Indiana, so they have to use live humans there.


I find it telling that the PsychoGeezer campaign has to use computers or paid callers to do their attack calls, whereas there appears to be no shortage of Unicorn volunteers with Teh Hope (TM) willing to do GOTV calls for Black Eagle.

I’m surprised the RNC hasn’t hired a bunch of call center people in India to do their attack calls.

@Dodgerblue: Speaking of NBA and Obama, this is Teh Awesome tee I ordered and just received yesterday:

I’m calling it Hope to the Hoop or, alternately, Chicago Celeb 2.0. And I’m SO wearing it to Obamapalooza election night (with multiple layers underneath and/or scarf, probably). FWIW, I did order a tee from the actual campaign site, but it never came. I know people who never received a shirt ordered in July. That’s okay, because I’d rather his volunteers were doing swing state registering and GOTV rather than shipping tees to people who were already, as Chicago Bureau loves to say, in the tank.

@flippin eck: that is the awesomest t-shirt i’ve ever seen. Wonder if I can get one by Nov 4. XXL to go over my gut — I’m not playing much ball anymore.

@SanFranLefty: Too many of the base would confuse Indians with Ay-rabs.

I wish I could take Tuesday off to work for Hope (TM), but as I work in a media relations office and I’m supposed to have faculty experts on standby in case of mob violence or whatever (sociology, mainly, and perhaps some psych with a tad of CJ in there), it’s been made clear that I need to be here that day, and the next (even with a hangover). I’ll live. Perhaps after finishing my research paper in informatics (yay, a full cyberwarfare analysis in the Russia v. Georgia conflict of ’08!) Saturday, I’ll let it rest for a day and use it to go flyer up (866) OUR-VOTE all over creation.

LATEST: No baseball tonight. Game starts at 8:37 Wednesday — just after Hope TV.

@SanFranLefty: BTW, this is the biggest fucking pipe dream EVER. I just can’t see California going red.

Sadly, I do see, if the networks call the magical 270 number for Unicorn early in the evening, a diminished liberal Hope (TM) turnout in Cali — resulting in a Hope win for the state, but the passage of Prop 8. That’s what frightens me.

Florida, Az. and Ark. are all important with their various anti-gay referenda, but California is the bellwether on this thing.

Column: Howard Dean was right.

@chicago bureau: So is that a game and a half or what? I don’t know the rules on resuming play after a rain delay.

The Obama hard rock shirt. THAT’s what I should have worn to Metallica instead of the black polo shirt (professional, but with a touch of evil).

redmanlaw: Rule: pick it up where you left off. Hence, tied at two, bottom sixth.

@SanFranLefty: Presidential campaigns are full of fleeting moments, and it’s difficult to predict what will live on in memory, but I expect to recall that scene (immediately followed by my roommate and I facing each other and saying, in unison, “That one what?”) for years and years to come.

@flippin eck: That’s teh awesome, and I think I just snapped up the last L. Would’ve preferred an XL, but if it shrinks after one use I’ll pass it on to Jr, who will prolly be six foot by the time he starts middle school.

Ya gotta root for the Rays. They’re underdogs! They’re kids! Maddon is from Hazleton (you know, where the mayor declared a No Furriner Zone)! They were bottom dwellers who rose to the top, with the smallest payroll in baseball!

In other words, they’d give Hope ™ to the Pirates *sigh*

@nabisco: Sweet, you’ll be my matching tee twin! I just ordered it last Thursday and got it Monday, so hopefully you’ll have it before the election too!

@redmanlaw: I was totally sold on Dean in 04, living the RomeGirl lifestyle and wondering what all the dustup over “the scream” was all about. He’s still one of the few pols out there willing to say exactly what he thinks, and to have it come out making more than a lot of sense. He’s got a little of that Dick Cheney 1-2-f-u swagger to him, but you know he’s one of the Good Guys. I hope Eagle gives him his props.

Dean Sec Labor? HEW? Interior? HEW?
Is there still an HEW?

@nabisco: I got his autograph on an ’04 yard sign when he was last here. I was heartbroken when he dropped out, but his work lives on.

I appreciate where you’re coming from on the Rays, but the fundies cannot be allowed to claim it as a victory if the team wins. The beatdown of the right must be total.

@ prommie – it’s called the Department of Health and Human Services now. I don’t know about how he would fit in the administration, but Rahm Emmanuel and the rest of those DLC assholes need to bow down, give him a gold cup, a sash, and a horseshoe floral arrangement that says “You Were Right.”

Breaking locally:

The email to sign up for tickets to election night Obamapalooza was launched about an hour ago. My in box has been a flurry of friends sending the link just in case they’re given out first come first served. Photo ID required for entry and no personal bags, strollers (HAH! suck it, breeders!), signs, etc. allowed. They’ve chosen a smaller (more securable?) section of Grant Park for the rally, so I’m predicting there will be a lot of broken hearts in Chicago when nine-tenths of the applications are denied. Fingers crossed for my own humble application!

@flippin eck:
Good luck! Would like to see what a victory party looks like…

@flippin eck: oh shit. There goes my last thread of hope that I would get my Diane Von Furstenbag and terrorist fist bump magnet anytime before spring. I’m pissed.

@flippin eck: Yeah, a stroller looks like a lot of rifle parts to me.

@IanJ: Ever read “Day of the Jackal”? Plus that, homie is making bicycle bombs for use in Eye-Rak, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Have not seen any references to stroller bombs, but you can carry a lot of shit in those things.

@flippin eck: I just signed up for my tickets and was told I was on the waiting list – do you thing that is what everyone gets? I slipped them a nice crisp $25 donation – see if that greases the wheels (it is Chicago after all).

Daley today said they are estimating 1 million people, which is WAY more than that section of Grant Park can hold.

@homofascist: I just hope every one of those 1 million votes first.

@homofascist: Bad news, HF, I wasn’t told that. I’ll let you know what the going price will be for my +1….

Mrs RML reports that Michelle Eagle is very soft and gentle, almost girlish, in person. I had the supermarket cashiers going “Obamanos!” when I told them about the Las Vegas rally.

@redmanlaw: What does she smell like? She get close enough? Did she seem open minded enough to consider motivating Democratic voters by appearing on hour-long infomercials of her and Elizabeth Kucinich eating each other’s face?

@flippin eck: @homofascist: My invite supposedly hit my inbox at 2:30pm. I didn’t apply for tickets, the jaunt would be to difficult in the middle of the work week, and being “sick” would be too obvious as I have had the Obama sticker on the back of my vehicle for 9 months. Hope you all get a chance to get there.

@FlyingChainSaw: Jeebus. I’m as straight as they come, and even I’d watch that. For all 60 minutes.

@flippin eck: And I am as gay as they come, and I feel the same way.

@flippin eck, Chain: Caribou Barbie would do a PPV with Elizabeth Hasselbeck if she thought it would swing a blue state. Might violate campaign finance laws, however, because Geez can only take public money and her appearing in a PPV with the money going to a group for independent expenditures smacks of coordination. (Now there’s a Friday night headline).

@redmanlaw: I like this. Talibunny could sit on Hasselbeck face and shriek Sieg Heil every time she gets off.


Eesh. You realize for me this is like imagining oral sex between a pair of Preying Mantis, right?

@redmanlaw: I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt design. All it needs for the final Spinal Tap touch is an unexplained umlaut over the m in his name.

@Dodgerblue: Mr. SFL has a Deadheads for Obama concert t-shirt and yard sign (in our front window – too valuable to have outside). He also downloaded the show, and the show last month at State College. The t-shirts are now sold out on

@flippin eck: @homofascist: Y’all should apply for media passes to the event on behalf of

@SanFranLefty: Now I have the theme from “That Girl” playing in my head. But hey, at least it stops the music from the Disney ride that shall not be named that TommCatt brought up on another thread.

@homofascist: @homofascist: Are there any hotels with a view of the park you could check into? That would be the Princess Cynica method.

@SanFranLefty: And the basketball shirts are not available in XL. I’m late to the party again.

@redmanlaw: Defeating Hillary was never about defeating Hillary, it was about destroying THAT kind of Democrat, the Rahm Emmanuel DLC perpetual loser kind.

@nabisco: Ahem. I’m going to pretend that you didn’t write that and that you’re living up to your word when you said you are going to root for the Phillies. I’m also going to pretend that I wasn’t overcome by an apoplectic fit when I read what you wrote. Clearly you were overcome by some sort of Philly-hating fit, a Palinesque fit, an anti-Hope fit. (They make pills for that.)

And I’m not going to try to make you feel like you owe me or Philadelphia something even though I paid 2 or 3 dollars to get in the Christ Church’s overflow cemetery just for you so I could take pictures of Ben Franklin’s grave just for you. Oh, wait — did I tell you I went there just for you?

/end arm-twisting guilt trip — unless you make me do it again.

@nabisco: I didn’t think it was all that bad until I heard it on continuous loop. That made him sound wackadoo. The repetition but not the scream alone.

@Jamie Sommers: No fear, there’s HopeTM all over the place–my official Obama tee actually came today too!

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