Just Let Go

And now, as the stock market crashes again, please enjoy some nice, good Enya.

Oh screw it–


Please feel free to vent in the comments. Namaste, bitches.

[Editor’s Note: I have no idea what “nice, good Enya” is. I just told YouTube “Enya” and picked a non-fan video.]

[Editor’s Note #2: Enya has fans? Who knew?]


I prefer “Bodicea”: all humming, dark and forboding, and used countless times by hip-hop artists, including in The Fugees’ “Ready or Not”.

TJ: Electoral shenanigans in Ga. begin with absentee ballots in Gwinnett County — now majority-minority (Asians, Latinos and African-Americans). 10,000 ballots.

I am, for once, glad that YouTube is blocked at this jobsite. Enya is to music what Michael Flatass is to dancing – an abomination.

No fear, CB, we won’t be able to afford retirement until age 90 anyway, so we have six decades for the stock market to rebound!

@flippin eck: so we have four to six decades for the stock market to rebound!


@rptrcub: Early voiting in New Mexico: “Turnout at the San Jose cemetery is higher than usual. Even the dead are voting early this year!”

– joemonahan.com, also great news on a Senate blowout for D-Tom Udall expected and a Dem sweep of out five Congressional liiks likely now.

Mrs RML’s grandfather voted for a while after he was dead. “He wouldn’t have minded that so much, but they made him a Democrat,” her mom said.

Woah! This article really fucks with Firefox 3. What’d you do, CB? (It’s probably in the code between the end of the video player and the start of the following text.)

IanJ: All my tags are closed — I double-checked that before I posted.

Crap. No more embeds from YouTube, I guess — although blogenfreude seems to have it down from his MSNBC embed.

@chicago bureau: It’s not unclosed tags, I suspect, but maybe something that fucks with the CSS. The text goes to a different font after the embedded video, and it’s after the video that the formatting goes weird. Maybe nojo could spot it, I’m not familiar enough with what normal HTML looks like these days to have much of a chance.

I got it: there’s no address in your href tag (and it’s not closed) right at the start of the YouTube chunk. Fill in and close that a href tag and you’ll be good (I just tried it at home and it solved the problem).

edit: And, that’ll probably solve the “no embeds” problem you mentioned.

IanJ: Yeah. Now enjoy your Enya video in peace and harmony. (Tee hee!)

(Srsly: will try to do the whole embed thing better in future.)

@chicago bureau: Or Some Geek will send you better instructions, whichever comes first.

@chicago bureau: Sorry if I came across as complaining — that could have been better phrased. That was me trying to help. You just wait until I’m being obnoxious!

Also: Fortunately, my musical happy place is running in a pretty well constant loop these days. Enya can bite me. (Enya has fans?)

@IanJ: The problem is that there shouldn’t be anchor tags around the video code at all, and I’m not sure why they’re tormenting CB’s posts. One of many chores on the list…

Well, in theory, you want the anchor tags so you can click on the video and be taken to the YouTube page. Well. Whether you want that, or YouTube wants that is up for discussion, of course.

IanJ: (Enya has fans?)

See, that was my thought, too! (I saw this story once on Charles Osgood Electric Soul Hour about her compound in Ireland, and how her videos cost, literally, millions to produce. So she gets the money from somewhere. Perhaps in a magic cove guarded by mystical spirits with synthesizers and drum machines.)

My musical happy place lately is Joan Jett, youtube her, it does not matter, 70s, 80s, 90s, last week, she is da bomb. Try to find her singing “Shout” live in Asbury Park in 1982, an encore, with the sweat streaming down her face, she is a goddess.

@flippin eck: “Under” 50, y’all.

@chicago bureau:

I couldn’t make a lot of this out with all the hamster chatter in the background, but would just like to make an appeal that you keep embedding vids (even the crappy ones). I’m firewalled from the youtubez but they play just fine when they’re embedded.

@IanJ: If you look at YouTube’s embed code, it doesn’t include anchor tags — those are somehow being added by WordPress. Since the video is Flash, YouTube can always program links to the Mothership within the display itself.

WordPress offers two posting methods: raw code, and a TinyMCE-style “helper” which offers something akin to MS Word. I code raw (ahem), but I need to provide some tcch tips to the poor souls who use the “Visual” editor.

@nabisco: “Under” 50, y’all.

Barely. But as long as Madonna is ahead of me by eight months, I’ll let her take the grief.

where can i read the english translation to all this info?
i scuffled with wordpress again today and have been wandering around muttering for ianJ to help me change my avatar. gravatar REALLY hates me.
my determination spared you another SOS email from me, nojo.
that’s why i haven’t been posting. oh, and that i’m totally miserable.
so miserable my first chuckle of the day came at past 3 in the pm.: “stand back citizens” nojo tickles the hell out of me.

Long as we are on matters technical, NOJO, can we plz has another photo posting party? If the titanic is gonna go down, i want to be partying.

@baked: where can i read the english translation to all this info?

“It’s magic!”

@Prommie: Fresh Jam tomorrow morning. I’m going to make it a weekly weekend thing until we all get sick and tired of it.

hey, i never stopped putting pics up. threw a few more up over the week.
what? i “spoiled some great eternal plan?”

name the character that says that in what production to win.
no prize, just admiration from trivia geeks like me.

@baked: Without wikicheating: Pilate in JC Superstar?

And no, the old Jam is still live until tonight, when I switch everything over — including a new email address.

@baked: Looked it up. Damn. I could hear it, but I couldn’t place it.

But what I heard was correct: It’s vast eternal plan.

@baked: It’s pretty close to Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof”.

“Would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
If I were a wealthy man.”

I do love the musicals!

how about a theme for the weekend photo gala?
if last weeks theme was the person posing most with a large mammal between her legs, i ran away with it with my horse and camel shots.
i know the stinquey brigade has plenty of those with other mammals.

how about halloween shots?
this year i’m going as a stressed, cheated on grieving wife, dog hospice nurse, and day laborer. and it required no sewing other than rat bastards sowing.

@Dave H:

(honorable mention to nojo for “vast”)

Hmmm, Australian Government has guaranteed all deposits up to a 1 million for free, and over a million for a fee.

Money goes from investment funds to banks, investment funds freeze withdrawals and some freeze payments too. Somehow I don’t think were out of the woods yet folks.

@Nojo: always “Jam tomorrow” …

@baked: Turns out I was thinking of Judas: “What if I just stayed here and ruined your ambition? Christ, you deserve it!”

Oh, and you’ve just solved next week’s problem for me: Sandy Eggo HateFest ’08 is Saturday, November 1, and I’ll need to commandeer the Jam Line for photoblogging.

But next Friday is Halloween, so Pumpkin Jam will be that morning’s post.

hatefest? i like the sound of it already.
what’s that about?

and what about this saturday?
note to self: get. life.

@baked: That’s the “Yes on 8” rally at Qualcomm Stadium, when local homophobes gather to cheer on their favorite prejudices. I’m dragging Pedonator with me to enjoy the spectacle if he’s up for it.

@CheapBoy: I vaguely recall an argument years ago that increased deposit guarantees are dangerous, since they encourage banks to play loose with your money — hey, the government’s got it covered, no problem!

The fancy new expression is “moral hazard”, I think. Although that’s just too good to let the economists have it.

@nojo: You have to make T-shirts:

ENGAGED TO JESUS! on the front

STINQUE.COM on the back

The place will go nuts.

@FlyingChainSaw: Just as long as someone remembers to recover the iPhone from my corpse — the last few shots will be better than Jonestown.

nojo, sounds like fun. stupidity on parade is always entertaining, you know, like politics.
i couldn’t go. it would involve my blood spilled and prob an arrest. speaking of hateful,
i’d like to punch him in his smug complicit face. hard.
be careful out there you!

@nojo: I can’t believe the threat of “outing” would worry those businesses that contributed to the “No on 8” campaign.

Unless of course the “American Wedding Planners Association” is only in it for the money (BTW I just made up that organisation). I mean, who would have the disposable income to blow on an extravagant wedding?

@CheapBoy: I’m not sure it frightens the business owners, but it certainly doesn’t play well as a news story.

My regular coffeehouse also has a bakery that’s popular for weddings. The past few months, the two pairs of cake couples on the shelf behind the cash register have been artfully rearranged.


“Prove to me that you’re no fool!
Walk across my swimming pool!”

lot’s of people still have lot’s of money.

T/J and i wanted to add to cynica’s and lefty’s, among others, remarks about who is styling brainfreeze, not only do i agree it’s straight women, but ex-pageant coachs. no doubt. i was lurking and crying at that moment, i feel better now. when i stop participating in fashion discussions, send out the search party.

I was wondering how you were doing.

I think you’d have to take a number. Right now we’re looking at 4,534,333,495.

@nojo: Grrr that’s so infuriating!! I was going to say frustrating, but no, it makes me angry, so infuriating it is.

It’s so “Back of the bus” it makes me want to rant, rave and smite. Yes I recognise the bakery needs to make profits, but really… Show some courage, you sold to same-sex couples, will you give their money back now? No I don’t think so. Fuck you, Fuck you very much, for your support for when it it is most needed. I hope weevils infest your flour bins and you get shut down.

Obviously you like us for our money, but not us as people. There’s words for people like you, and none of them are complimentary.

@CheapBoy: My fault — too obscure again.

The bakery’s shelf couples are groom-groom and bride-bride, and have been for months. And if you’ve ever met the owner, you’d know which way he’s voting. Apologies for my coyness.

Sorry to all for the hamster-speak. The broken linkfulness was hurting my Firefox-enabled brain.

baked: give me the word, I’ll help you update your gravatar. The camel-riding pic would be favorite. ;)

@baked: Horse?

(scrambles to find the flickr thread….)

ADD: pony. Way cute.

Another of my indulgences is “Red vs Blue” here’s their take on the current financial meltdown.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: @nojo: Better not let Lyndon catch you boys quoting “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Jesus Christ Superstar. Fine. Why not just piss on me?

@Lyndon LaDouche: To think I admired you; now I despise you.

@nojo: I-hai doont noo heow to lur-hurve heeim…! boost reverb, bags of fake emotion, Jeremy Irons in a black beard, English people dancing laciviously…

@Lyndon LaDouche: Okay, I’ll settle for Guilty Pleasure.

But to be clear: Loved the London production, hated the movie.

@nojo: Best thing to happen to the London production was when the IRA threatened to bomb it.

You loved it then but you were… 17? 22? 12? I used to like Doris Day. I’m not proud of it (though she is a very underrated comedienne) (and it is a very good voice) (and she is terrific in Love Me or Leave Me) I’ve just moved on. Ahem.

Wait. There’s a movie?

@Lyndon LaDouche: Nailed it: 19. And the production was getting a little creaky by then, like an old car with a few dents.

Didn’t buy the album until later — the Received Wisdom at the time was that the album was the highlight, and the productions and movie that followed were progressively worse.

But I’ve always liked the perspective of it: That Judas was essential to the Passion Play, that without Judas you have no Cross, no Resurrection, no Christianity. It wasn’t Judas who sold out Jesus, but God who sold out Judas.

Not that I would argue that today (I blame Paul), but it really helped frame the subject for me at the time. And, well, the music and lyrics are fun. I may have moved on from my youthful enthusiasm for it, but I’m not above popping in the CD and rocking out for a while.

@nojo: “rocking out” Darling, you are aware that it’s English? Written and performed by English people? Just checking.

You’re allowed JCS. One should be enthusiastic at 19. He said, at his most patronizing. I just remember all the years it loomed over Cambridge Circus casting a shade in which no living thing would grow.

I think that J Irons was the original Judas. But am going on not much more than dimly remembered rumors from my far-off youth.

@mellbell: OMG that’s hilarious!!!!!!

I’m crying from laughter. I’ve done most of those steps at some point in my ‘career’. Without quite so much fringing, mind you. I can’t stop laughing. It’s almost as funny as Staying Alive. Nojo, don’t read this. All those terrible boy dancers in the background. Oh God.

Jazz hands, anyone?

I can’t stop laughing. I may not sleep.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Ummm, English folks don’t rock out? Did I overlook a decade? Next you’ll be telling me they can’t play the blues.

But hey, I said the movie sucked, so I’m safe there.

And for the record: Murray Head. You’re welcome.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I’d never seen that before–OMGROTFLMAO!! Deees-co Fabulous!!

@Lyndon LaDouche: And while I’m thinking about it, my grad-school Manchester roommate would beg to differ about your national stereotypes.

@Mistress Cynica: In’t it divine? All that naff choreography and the boys doing those nightclub jumps? And all the hip pumping? I had to drive in to the village and got helpless with laughter all over again.

@nojo: Darling. The English do not do blues. If they do blues they’re called Americans. Please don’t tell me Eric Clapton or Rolling Stones. They don’t count.

Murray Head? Well that’s a relief. Though perhaps Mr. Irons played something else? Sheba or Gilead or Nigel or something?

I’m posting entirely too much because I’m supposed to be working.

@Mistress Cynica: Thank you, thank you for that link.

Lyndon’s next bombshell is that he hated Mamma Mia!

And this militant atheist luuuuvvveeed Jesus Christ Superstar, so step back, jack.

@Original Andrew: No, the bombshell is that he loved Cats.

My mind is clearer now: Jeremy Irons played John the Baptist in Godspell, which is kind of a bastard child of Superstar and Hair.

@Original Andrew: Sociologically speaking, would you agree that a Limey has no place telling an American what rawks?

@mellbell: OMG, the funky bass line sounds like pr0n sound track. Boom Chikka Waaawaa…


JCS was so ahead of its time really. It’s still influencing current pop culture, like Hamlet 2’s insanely brilliant “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”

“I wanna party with you, Jesus!”



Well his people did give us the Sex Pistols, the Clash, David Bowie and Crass, so we may have to allow him that.

@Original Andrew: Sexy Jesus is Belkie from that sitcome in the 80’s?

Okay, I can’t hold out any longer. If the neighbors complain, it’s all your fault. At last all too well I can see where we all soon will be…

And look, I know it’s lame in the movie, but the jazz hands were ironic. That was the point. You also criticize Every Sperm is Sacred for looking like Oliver?

@nojo: I’ll never forgive you for getting your Oliver in my Sacred Sperm.

@nojo: Hahahahhahahhahhahaha.
Remind me to tell you a wonderful story about Cats Ravel’s Bolero and my buddy Ange.

@nojo: Thank YOU!!!! I can sleep now.

@Original Andrew: I auditioned for Mama Mia. They all started looking at the ceiling about two minutes in.

@nojo: Yes, but I was brought up on teh jazz.

But that clip is just about the funniest thing I’ve seen in .. oh… days. Not since the Geeze got all mixed up in his sarcasm whilst campaigning among the bitters in PA. ALW rocks!!!!

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