Synonyms of Smear

Asperse, belittle, besmirch, blot, blotch, blur, calumniate, cloud, corrupt, daub, defame, defile, degrade, denigrate, derogate, lambaste, maculate, malign, mar, minimize, slander, smudge, smutch, soil, spatter, splotch, stain, sully, taint, tarnish, thrash, trounce, vilify, John Sidney McCain III.

Our Presidential Debate Liveblog/Open Thread/Slime Geyser erupts at 8:45 p.m. Eastern.

McCain calls Obama a liar [AP]

Why is that PG?

You owned the Keating 5. It’s not like he said that you “might have” nearly sank the USS Forrestal or pushed your way into an underserved slot at flight school or even got into the US Naval Academy in the first place?

I’m just (eagerly) awaiting for you to blow your lid and try and actually attack Obama, someone who besides playing basketball and does one arm curls with 70lb weights is trained in martial arts.

Speaking of Past associations. McCain: A Tax Cut in every pot and a RW Death Squad at every door.

For once, Begala came up with something useful.

blogenfreude: Look to the bagel!

Barry’s up with an ad repeating the “change the subject” line from the Geezerplex. Ouch. Geezer’s ad of the day say that Barry’s lying.

I might actually want to watch this debate moderately sober — it is going to be interesting. We know what’s going to happen. Early on, McCain will take an opportunity to drop the Chicago crew on Obama, and Barry will repeat that he’s trying to change the subject. If Hopey can answer the question without looking flip, and without ticking off the audience, he may win the point. It will be shades and nuance… a very fine line between good and not-so-good. Unless of course there’s a “you’re no Jack Kennedy” line dropped by either side that fucking lands among the public.

Oh, BTW: Rezko’s sentencing may be post-election. Reports that he is going to sing about Blagojevich seem to be on the money. Huh.

Comments working or are we all just losing interest?

@blogenfreude: I’m a little sleepy-eyed today and am mildly optimistic about leaving work on time and getting a nap in before the debate. (Lame, I know, but you asked.)

@blogenfreude: Everyone’s just taking a disco nap before the big smackdown tonight.

Meanwhile, anyone else have buyer’s remorse this week? I’m srsly thinking about taking this economy thing back to Costco to ask for my $700 billion back. Honey, you did save the receipt, right?

Corsi being deported from Kenya – just posted it. Ha. ha. ha.

@blogenfreude: Actually working on billable matters, checking time sheets.

nabisco: Ibid. I can obsess about Hopey tonight — work calls.

(BTW: blogenfreude: more comments here than at CP. Interesting.)

@chicago bureau: Anyone know what’s up over there with Greg and Hunter? Srsly, Greg’s early sign off from the veep debate had a cryptic Lost Colony vibe to it, and there’s been nothing but tumbleweeds blowing over there since. At least the Wanquers stay in the game, such as.

Frantically busy at work. Saving bon mots for the live blog tonight. Later.

I posted on my blog, come look everybody, I posted on my blog, Yippee!

Hey nojo, how do I put my blog’s address at the bottom of all my posts? I can do that, right?

@Prommie: you sir are the Ron Jeremy of food porn.

What’s to make of Sean InsHannity’s monologue from this weekend, and how does Black Eagle smack this shit down tonight without blowing his Jeebus of Cool visage? I’m the Gentle Ben of the household, and not sur e I’ll be able to hold Ms. Nabisco and her fiery Balkan temper back on this one. Maybe I’ll open up that line of credit with BestBuy on the way home…

@Prommie: I think you can go into your Stinque prefs page and paste the address there. Then the system automatically links it to your name in comments.

Or I can do that for you. I’ll get around to new commenter tips one of these days…

@nabisco: I think Hunter’s globetrotting right now, but I don’t know whether Greg ever found his TV.

@nabisco: Looks like Kaila just blew a few CP tumbleweeds away. Show her some Stinquer love, y’all.

@nojo: Was the pipe a tip off over the weekend?

/looks for car wash coupons – – mmm, would $10 off an oil change be a suitable welcoming gift?

@redmanlaw: The pipe was a Can’t-Think-of-a-Clever-Forecast-Graphic-So-I’ll-Try-the-Thumbsucker-Angle thing.

Should have gone with the tornado.

Okay, I’m here. Sitting in a ridiculously overpriced hotel room far from home having a dinner of popcorn and white wine and watching my boyfriend Keith O. bring it on and calling out the GOPers’ “Barry HUSSEIN Obama is a TERR-ist” racist bullshit. Tagline: “Inciting the Mob”

@SanFranLefty: Okay. Now I’m getting Bad 1968 Vibes. Haven’t felt them since spring.

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