Corsi Fan Tutte

Heh indeedy:

Immigration authorities in Kenya say they will deport the American author of a highly critical book about US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The author, Jerome Corsi, was in Kenya to launch his book which accuses Mr Obama of supporting an alleged plot to turn Kenya into an Islamic state.

Officials said that Mr Corsi did not have the right visa.

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In a recent press release, Mr Corsi said he would “expose deep secret ties between US Democratic presidential candidate Sen Barack Obama and a section of the Kenyan government leaders”.

Carlos Maluta, a senior Kenyan immigration official, told the AP news agency that authorities had picked Mr Corsi up from his hotel on Tuesday because he did not have the necessary work permit.

Sadly, they’ll have to send him back here.

Kenya ‘Will Deport’ Obama Author [BBC]

Honestly, him getting bounced does his cause more good than harm. The crazies will scream COVER UP COVER UP and the echo chamber will pick it up.

Of course, the Kenyans may have just been enforcing their laws. How quaint of them.

@chicago bureau: NPR’s coverage intimated they were concerned about his accusations setting off the locals. This will, of course, be blamed on Bill Clinton.

blogenfreude: Of course, they are all witches in Kenya, anyhow, so setting off the locals would not be that hard. Can we get Sarah Palin’s pal on the case?

We here, of course, rebuke all forms of witchcraft. Except for the really fun ones.

@blogenfreude: A good friend and co-worker of mine some years back, a Kenyan, laughed at a British colleague of ours who was about to take up residence in Nairobi. He cautioned him in exceedingly polite Queen’s English to not be such a total white tool when he landed among the Kikuyu or else he’d end up extra crispy.

Corsi is batshit crazee and lucky to be escorted out of there.

I have seldom experienced such blissful, guilt-free schadenfreude as this news brought me. Oh happy day, when they shipped Corsi away.

Take a look at what I just posted. I’m ready to hit the streets … I am so fucking angry.

I am often tempted to send FCS rants about Obama’s secret plan to send out Michelle with bus loads of Islamofascist guys to rape Christian women at gun point to breed little Islamofacsists just to see if it shows up in one of Corsi’s books.

@blogenfreude: Don’t hold back, Blogenfreude. Go fucking apeshit, I beseech thee!

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