America Gets a Woody for Barry

Ho-lee shit. The electoral-vote chart we’ve been following for months just spiked. This is the chart that averages state polls over the past week, and only counts those where either candidate leads by at least 5 percent.

The strong states, not the close races.

This is the chart that has shown steadily growing support for Obama, steadily weakening support for McCain, and the Palin Pothole. We figured the blue line would hover just below that 270-vote threshhold for awhile, just as it’s mostly done since before the conventions. We didn’t expect the cork to pop.

Caution, four weeks, ugliness, Iran bombing, blah blah blah. Oh, fuck it — WHEEEEEEE!!!


Sarah the Dumbass had one bump.
Sarah the Dumbass had one bump.
Sarah the dumbass had one bump
Talk Sarah Talk

Sarah the Dumbass was thumped
Sarah the Dumbass was thumped
Sarah the Dumbass was thumped
Now McCain is done. (Diebold pending.)

My suspicion is that Diebold only works when the race is close because no one (outside of bitter political junkies) is going to be scratching their heads when say 2-4% of the votes are flipped. Any race with a gap of 5% or more will be noticed and there will be riots in the streets.

Riots in the streets? Why do you think the feds have been pouring so much ‘counter-terrorism’ funding into local law enforcement? Why do you think that they’ve been desensitizing servicemen to blowing holes through civilians and encouraging to use forms of terror like gang rape and mass murder?

@rptrcub: Actually, our hyper-militarized police forces have taught themselves that trick.

There is one republic and her prophet is Eisenhower.

@ManchuCandidate: There will be riots in the streets only if the networks cancel [insert title of popular TV show]. If this were a normal economic year, you might see fights at Best Buy over whatever the hot game console is this year. If there are riots, it’ll be the Palinists overturning and burning cars over their loss.

Release of the Troopergate report still on for Friday?

i’ve been rioting in the streets since the last stolen election and rigged diebold machines. all it got me was a montrous increase in medication.

@FlyingChainSaw: Don’t forget the deployment of an active US Army combat division in the US, just 5 or 6 weeks ago, just in time!

The Chimp is smirking for a reason. That recent raid in Pakistan, follow-up reports have already hinted at “high level” casualties. And yesterday afternoon, an alert stating that all public buildings may be under threat from al queada bombers; if in fact Osama is dead, that would be a real fear, that any al queada operatives will all just go try to blow up whatever is closest in a spasm of reaction to the news. Chimpy found out mid-day yesterday, and will release the news this evening, just before the debate, they are meeting with McCain right now strategizing how to message it so as to maximize the impact for McCain.

@Prommie: I wonder if he’d have the audacity to suspend elections.


Both valid facts.

One of the lessons learned from Tienanmen Sq was that you don’t send in a local unit to quell rioters. The reason it took a week for the Chinese govt to quell the protests in 1989 was that they needed to transfer a division from the ‘sticks because the local Beijing garrison refused to do their bidding.

Any unit the Pentagon is going to send will have to be made up entirely of hicks, dumbasses and commanded by Lt Calley and Medina types with no one from that particular state. In that case, might as hand out Deathheads and SS badges to these guys.

@Prommie: Do we even have an active combat division available, the way they’re stretched in Iraq?

Dude. *I* Got a woody looking at that.

Strangely, this doesn’t move me too much. It’s too good to be true. The cardinal rule of anything that seems too good to be true is that it’s not true. In this case, any implication that Barry might actually win the election is the thing that’s not true. Which is to say, check in with me February next year, and I’ll tell you whether I believe it’s true or not.

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