Wands Out, Everyone!

Especially noteworthy was the standing O from Dumbledore.


Of course Dumbledore was standing. He was trying for maximum distance, in order to reach the stage.

Please notify me when Hermione is of age and makes her nude debut …

Throw in Oliver Wood and that is a fun weekend.

Please notify me when Hermione is of age and/or makes her nude debut
There, fixed. We have standards to uphold here.

Which reminds me of a line I liked to deliver when everyone was sufficiently drunk at parties:


Standing Os leave my legs so weak and quivery, but its usually worth it.

Yuck, too twinkie even for me, and that is saying something!

@homofascist: My mouth is gaping open wider than Paris Hilton’s clowncar.

@rptrcub: If Harry Potter were a Disney product, I am sure the ‘Catt would be singing a different tune. One can only imagine all of the Jonas Brothers posters decorating his office…

Clowncar? No way, really? Thats cute.

Is it too obvious to say “I thought wizards only have ONE wand…”?

Well, at least this explains Lyndon’s absence.

The chin-fuzz makes him legal, but I want to see him naked on the horse before I make a commitment.

@Rptrcub @homofascist:

Now, if he had lovely, almond-shaped eyes and a honey brown complexion….

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