Bad Law Professor of the Week

I will try and put one of these up each week.  FSM knows there’s plenty of them.

Calabresi_steven This is Steven Calabresi.  He is a tenured professor at Northwestern, a top 10 law school. And he is insane. Behold:

Is distrust or disbelief or lack of confidence in the administration complicating the bailout issue? Do you trust the administration?

This Administration deserves to be trusted because it has kept us safe from terrorist attack since 9/11, has fought and won two wars, has presided over eight years of economic growth, has appointed two stellar justices to the Supreme Court, and has even learned how to do Louisiana’s job of protecting that state from hurricanes. The day will come, and not before long, when Americans will wish that George Bush was still president.

Is this the sort of person we want teaching Constitutional law?  Is this the sort of person we want teaching anything?  Or is this the sort of person who should be taking tolls or asking if I want fries with that?

It’s interesting that the Hon. Guido Calabresi, the best judge on the 2nd Circuit, is Steven’s uncle.  This wingnut fell far from the tree.


And, to state the obvious:

They don’t call it Con Law for nothing.

Jesus Fuck. I know this takes away from our beloved Hopey McUnicorn, but most law professors are pathetic losers with personality disorders.

The way Giuliani and holy Joementumless Joe have been competing to see who can stick their head further up through McCain’s flaccid and incontinent anal sphincter and up into the rectum itself these last two days makes me think that they know something, that something being that the part of VP in this travelling farce will soon be open. Giuliani didn’t appeal to the republican base, what with the adultery and cross-dressing, lisping, smirking asshole thing, but the rank and file good average middle of the road independant kinds, you know, morons, love him longtime as hero of 9-11, it makes me scared.

@Prommie: I know Sully’s opened the question again to his readers, and while I wouldn’t put anything past the Geezertariat, I just don’t see it happening.

Talibunny was chosen to appeal to the fundies, and until the fundies give up on her (have they?), Geezer still has more to lose than gain by dumping her.

But, to do some FCS Lite…

“Friendly fire” (first announced as Al-Qaeda assassins) takes out her son, and she resigns from the campaign because her family needs her in their time of crisis.

You heard it here first.

@Blogenfreude: Little Stevie Calabresi founded the Federalist Society and was a speechwriter for Dan Quayle. That’s all you need to know about him.

Is John Yoo next week’s winner?

@SanFranLefty: Where did Alberto land? Because if he’s teaching right now, he’s making a strong showing.

@Blogenfreude: This photo screams for alt text “Enjoy my doucey hair!” or similar.

Alberto is now working as a special master for hire, on patent cases no less. Given his unorthodox views on intellectual property law, that makes it all the more ironic.

I’ll now step to the side and let PromNight share his thoughts about special masters for hire.

I’m going to a debate viewing party tonight so I’ll miss the liveblogging. I’ll join up for the post-debate intoxicated analysis.

@SanFranLefty: Exactly – a co-founder of the Federalist Society, which along with Regent Law School has pretty much destroyed the Bill of Rights.

@flippin eck: whoa that is one awful haircut, please tell me that photo is from 1987. Maybe if you’re as disconnected from reality as this douchebag is, you can totally rock the flowbee bowl-cut, it must be nice to be a republican. Hey, not only did we totally win two wars and kill all the terrrrists, but my poofy man-locks drive the ladies wild.

@SanFranLefty: Well until you pointed out the extracurricular goodies on his CV I was positive this guy was just a dry wit.

I mean, even given latitude for extreme partisanship, how could he write learned how to do Louisiana’s job of protecting that state from hurricanes with a straight face?

Is it just me, or is his hand creepy, too large, and strangely misshapen?

Blogenfreude: Both Guido and Steven spell their last name Calabresi. I had occasion to look Steven up a couple of days ago, which is what alerted me to the final i instead of e.

I looked him up because I read elsewhere what you quoted in your post, and besides his total blindness to reality, what really stuck in my craw was “and not before long.” Huh? I wanted to know where he taught. Sad for Northwestern.

@lynnlightfoot: one more thing – I sent a link to that interview to his dean – I wanted to know why, if this clown is teaching conlaw, I can’t have a job there teaching physics.

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