It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sarah Palin’s partying with the debate-watching crew at the Irish Pub in Philly, and JNOV’s on the scene with her Crackberry. More heartwarming images welcoming Talibunny to the City of Brotherly Love after the jump.

[Update: JNOV found a video of the event that provides a better view of that “Lesbian Ariel Hunters for Palin” sign. Follows the photos at the bottom of the post.]

The next day…

So what’s that “Lesbian Ariel Hunters for Palin” sign about? Let’s go to the tape:


@rptrcub: looks like “Animal Mothers” …or maybe “Aerial Muzzlers”, I’m not sure.

@drinkyclown: @SanFranLefty:

Huh? What self-respecting lefty would sport a sign with that kinda homophobic trash on it?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
A hipster who is trying to make an ironic statement. Note the disheveled faux/semi-mullet that all the male hipsters are sporting this fall.

Where’s PromNight? I demand team coverage from the stinque Philly bureau!

Well I always said adding lipstick to santorum just gets you a bloody mess that will never wash out of the sheets.

I was watching the debate, I did do long enough to see that Unicorn is looking good, giving more than he takes, taking the battle to McCain on foreign policy big time. And if you turn the sound off, he comes of better, which is good, to anyone undecided now, they’re not capable of taking in information, they’re kjust looking for who makes them feel good. he looks amazingly DARK though, something with the lighting?

Prommie, I beg to differ: they both were crappy, which means that the Geez gets the nod. I’m very depressed about this.

@Ewalda: I just got home from work, and my boy was watching the debate (he TiVod it! what a kid!). I couldn’t take it. At least not sober. I’m def watching the VP debate, and I will be dranking.

@nabisco and promnight and mrs. promnight: shall we arrange a DE Valley meetup/party/bitchfest? The Chi Town folks had waaaaay too much fun tonight.

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