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Dumb Lawsuit of the Day…

“That didn’t take long: Two Subway customers have sued the chain because their ‘footlong’ sandwiches came up a little short, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The lawsuit by two New Jersey men comes after last week’s hubbub made by customers who discovered that their sandwiches measured about a half-inch short.” [Newser]

Corporate Personhood Redux

The Supreme Court heard arguments this morning on a case that will either take last year’s Citizens United corporate personhood decision to a whole new level, or limit the impact of the decision.  This case could also affect the ability of the media and advocacy groups to get information from the government regarding corporate malfeasance.

Today’s case, Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T, revolves around whether corporations can argue that they have “personal privacy” in not having government investigation documents released in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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