Dumb Lawsuit of the Day

“That didn’t take long: Two Subway customers have sued the chain because their ‘footlong’ sandwiches came up a little short, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The lawsuit by two New Jersey men comes after last week’s hubbub made by customers who discovered that their sandwiches measured about a half-inch short.” [Newser]


7:22 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

If they win then every man will be sued.

7:44 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013
7:45 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

I haven’t eaten Subway in years, save maybe once when there were no other choices. It’s … second most popular fast food? I don’t understand that – subs not very flavorful. But I am spoiled – we have some of the best Italian subs anywhere, especially this place – they slice it fresh right in front of you.

7:52 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

Now that we’re all gathered for our festive family occasion…

Sub, Grinder, or Hoagie?

7:55 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013


7:55 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@nojo: Sub.

Slightly related: I had a friend at work who wanted to go out to lunch and I suggested Subway and she said, “oh no, I don’t eat fast food.” She then decided on another sub shop. Mind you, other said sub shop is better but I need my value meals once in a while. I just couldn’t tell the difference between “fast food” and the other place.

8:14 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@rptrcub: Back in another life, I rather liked Quiznos. Subway seemed bland by comparison.

8:42 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

I never go to Subway. The mini-shops located in Wal-Marts here smell bad. My dream lunch is a chicharron burrito from El Parasol, anyway. The chicken guacamole tacos from the trailer in a restaurant parking lot? Mmmmm.


8:48 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@nojo: There are three different Quiznos around where I work because apparently one is not enough and business is good with downtown workers and the university. They’re good but always slammed, and I have little patience.

In the end, it’s a moot point right now: getting paid once a month sucks and funds are low. I’ve stockpiled single-serving mac-and-cheese cups and cans of soup in my desk for lunch for the next week or so.

9:37 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

Subway is one of those places that I gravitate toward when in a fast-food hell (such as driving up and down I-5 on road trips). It’s a vast improvement over the other deep-fried-everything places. It’s hardly high cuisine, but you can tell them to pile on the flavorful stuff if that’s what you want. I don’t go there in normal life, though, because I can make a sandwich at home.

10:03 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

My fav is the artery clogging New Orleans Po’Boy.

I loved fried shrimp and oysters.

Fortunately, it seems I eat one maybe once every 3 years.

10:20 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

I watched a Subway server drool into my sandwich in a store in south Dallas. He claimed he had never done it before. This was before cell phones. Otherwise i would have called the police.
Years later I gave Subway another try.The server had a huge black hairy mole on her face. It looked like a tarantula. I haven’t been back.

10:21 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@ManchuCandidate: +8 1/2. But I always say it’s girth that counts.

11:00 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@nojo: Up in Westchester County, where Ma Bell lives, they call it a wedge. I just call it a sandwich.

Subway has a veggie patty option (vegetarian but not vegan, if memory serves) that’s pretty good, especially now that baby spinach is available as a topping, but I prefer the mushroom melt at Potbelly.

11:05 pm • Wednesday • January 23, 2013

@nojo: raised in hoagie country. That’s how we funded chess clublittle league activities in my youth: germ infested homemade hoagies.

10:59 am • Thursday • January 24, 2013

@blogenfreude: mighty fine menu. i’ll eat that 6 foot deluxe party hero myself this weekend. check out cold beer at a buck fifty each all day long. i can taste everything on that menu just by reading it. thanks. now i have to somehow choke down my chobani yogurt and turkey bacon for lunch.

11:00 am • Thursday • January 24, 2013

@nojo: steamed deli.

11:27 am • Thursday • January 24, 2013

I don’t like subs but I love banh mi, the fabulous Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes with meat (patés, shredded or bbq pork, or chicken), pickled julienned daikon and carrots, fresh jalapenos, and cilantro. Recent visit to OKC included a pilgrimage to my favorite banh mi shop.

2:13 pm • Thursday • January 24, 2013

@Mistress Cynica: There aren’t any good options for it in DC, but some of the smaller cities in NoVa (particularly in the Falls Church area) have the requisite Vietnamese population to offer cheap, authentic bahn mi.

7:56 am • Friday • January 25, 2013

@nojo: Grinders for us growing up in West Hartford CT.

11:27 am • Friday • January 25, 2013

checking in from hoagie country…which will be my 2nd address Feb.1st !!!
yep, going home (part time) the house stays put, waiting for some stinquers to visit! i’m so excited about it, i stopped lurking and i’m scribbling on the best site on the interwebs. (i checked)

12:33 pm • Friday • January 25, 2013

@Walking Still: Long before Subway, we had a “Giant Grinder” shop off-campus in Eugene. Must have been a Connecticut exile running the joint.

1:39 pm • Friday • January 25, 2013

Next time you’re in Princeton, check out the selections at Hoagie Haven on Nassau St. It will make you forget (or regret) you ever ate at any of the sub franchises.

3:10 pm • Friday • January 25, 2013

Today for lunch: leftover homemade meatloaf, potato and spinach burrito. Mmmm.

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