Harry Reid, Wimp

And there goes filibuster reform, shot down by the man who talked a big game last summer, but whom we always suspected would cave when the moment arrived. The Founders never envisioned the filibuster — the Senate was (and is) sufficiently undemocratic as designed, so why overegg the recipe?

Senate Leaders Finalize Scaled-Back Filibuster Deal [TPM]

I loved playing whiffleball baseball as a kid. Man, you could make that ball do anything.

When you lie down with the dog (M McC) you’re going to get fleas. Shame on Reid. Doesn’t he know the tea party is going to get rid of Mitch next time?

@BobCens: He’s more worried about what happens when Demrats are inevitably in the Senate minority down the road, but fuck that. Elections have consequences. Or should.

Dems seem to have the majority in Wimpville. I can’t remember the last time a Dem raised his voice (HRC excepted).

@BobCens: She’s the only one of them with any balls.

@Mistress Cynica: My girl Nancy has a brass set to match HRC’s.

@SanFranLefty: have you noticed her face is falling? making me rethink my future plans for my own.
her balls are dragging it down. and btw…

i think it deserves mention that Lefty, Dodger and i had a running scrabble game for 31/2 years. that’s something. i’m ready again if you two are! gotta stop lurking and get back in many games….

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