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Subject: Content Proposal for

Hey there,

I have some content about 10 basement flooding disasters complete with photos. It’s something that you and your readers would love to see…

If you think this is something for your website please show it on your site. Updating your site with fresh content about these kidn of stories that people want to see and read are a great way to help with your site’s rankings and traffic. If there is something we can do for you in return like share something of yours socially or mention it on a relevant blog of ours let me know.

Appreciate your time and have a great day!

Image: Laundry Room Viking [Know Your Meme]

Yes. This is exactly the kidn of story I want to see! More please of the relevant blog stories. I for one never want to read about Harry Reid or John Boehner ever again.

No, I appreciate your time and you have a great day!

@ManchuCandidate: Vikings rool.

P.S. Is that Eric Cantor? It sure looks like him.

I’m surprised BuzzFeed hasn’t picked up on “10 basement flooding disasters”.

Well now this makes me wish I’d taken photos of my dead dishwasher last week before they hauled it away. Content!

As someone who has never lived anywhere with a basement, this is highly relevant to me.

@nojo: @TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Yeah. You never had to get the fire dept in to pump out your basement. You don’t lie awake when it rains hoping the pump doesn’t fail. Yeah. Gloat, why don’t you.

(Basement here is about 1850, bluestone, walls about 3ft thick, floor is all bluestone pavers, all beams are hand cut oak, leaving aside the mutant spiders it’s pretty awesome. I hate it. Especially when it floods. No vikings though. Which I think a pity for obvious reasons.

Basement backups (when caused by sewer line failures) were a meaningful part of my job back in the good old days – last month – when I was still working.

I remember all kinds of absurd arguments as to why EPA shouldn’t care about people literally swimming in shit in their homes.

@Walking Still: The case that my organization lost (9-0) in the Supreme Court this month was about swimming in animal shit in the ocean.

Hey Nojo, I see from the weather radar that it’s raining down at Stinque World Domination HQ. Must make landings at your airport even more exciting than usual. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain estimates the over and under of finishing our flight in the ocean at 500 yards. Godspeed.”

Without photos, a flooding disaster is not complete.

@Targa: Photos plus hysterics plus barking plus martinis.

@Dodgerblue: The Ninth Circuit didn’t do you any favors in their less than accurate or clear opinion below. They would have done a lot better simply tracking you organization’s briefs.

Fortunately (IMHO) Justice Ginsburg’s opinion minimized the damage, and left room for the Ninth Circuit to clean up its mess following the remand from on high. Just imagine how Scalia would have written this opinion.

Apologies for this descent into deepest enviro-attorney nerd-dom.

@Dodgerblue: I’ve been on flights like that into San Diego. The only airport that scared me more was Juneau Alaska.

“Sorry folks, we missed the runway. Instead we’ll be landing on the Mendenhall Glacier”.

@Dodgerblue: You’re more likely to plow into the side of Point Loma.

@Walking Still: Did you ever fly into the old Hong Kong airport? Holy shit.

Though Sandy Eggo is nerve-wracking, and more than once during a hairy landing there I told myself, “well, if we crash, at least it is at a prettier airport than DFW.”

Flying in a little plane into the Los Alamos NM airport on the edge of a mesa feels like you’re approaching the Death Star.

@SanFranLefty: @redmanlaw: Barillas, Guatemala. 1800 meters with 2000 meter mountains surrounding it, it was the takeoff that helped “Alas De Socorro” live up to its name. Run out of runway and its would have been instant Piper Cub pancake. That, and grazing cattle.

ADD: Hey, what’s up? Who won the election?

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