While most of the media has decided it’s time to start ignoring Joe the Plumber, who is the most famous person in America or maybe even the whole universe, I will continue to follow him because I am a starfucker.
Joe’s official website is up. It’s called, which sounds exactly like many of the empty slogans that have marked the last eight years, but is different because the web site is awesome.  I highly recommend you visit every day.

Joe’s web site, which appears to have been developed in 1995, has exciting sections like, “Joe the Forum”, which is empty, “Joe in the Media” – empty- and Joe the Blogger, which is empty except for an add for Joe the Plumber’s forthcoming book. The book, called “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream”, is ghostwritten by Samuel J. Wurzelbacher and some other no-name, and is also available in the “Joe the Shopper” section of the site. To make a long story short, Joe the Plumber is the most dynamic innovator on the internet and he is the real change we can believe in. []