We got another Catholic Bishop mixing it up. Most Rev. Joseph Martino of Scranton…. go!

At the direction of the Most Reverend Bishop, this letter is to be read by the celebrant at all Masses of Obligation on Respect Life Weekend, Saturday, October 4, and Sunday, October 5, at the time of and instead of the homily. Moreover, a copy of the letter should be circulated with all parish bulletins on this same weekend.

[Except at Masses where IRS agents are in attendance. Wink. Fast-forward to operative bit. (Ed.)]

Another argument goes like this: “As wrong as abortion is, I don’t think it is the only relevant ‘life’ issue that should be considered when deciding for whom to vote.” This reasoning is sound only if other issues carry the same moral weight as abortion does, such as in the case of euthanasia and destruction of embryos for research purposes. Health care, education, economic security, immigration, and taxes are very important concerns. Neglect of any one of them has dire consequences as the recent financial crisis demonstrates. However, the solutions to problems in these areas do not usually involve a rejection of the sanctity of human life in the way that abortion does. Being “right” on taxes, education, health care, immigration, and the economy fails to make up for the error of disregarding the value of a human life.

OK. As soon as the Catholic Church hierarchy actually owns up to all of the coverups they’ve engaged in over the past 30 or 40 years, I’ll get back to them on this thing. Until then, I could be bothered.

[Note: this is a standard thing now. I recall that the Bishop of Madison required all priests, the Sunday before Election 2006, to play a CD of a rant against gay marriage, with sanctions for non-compliant priests.]