Sort Of

Well, barring a last-second schedule change or purge, North Korea is going to have its totally-not-preordained-result Workers’ Party of Korea conference (approximately nowish Stateside).  Word from KCNA [for the best in live, local and late-breaking news, trust KCNA… North Korea’s News (Dear) Leader] is that Kim Jong Il will — in a stunning development — have a vote:

The meetings of delegates of the party committees of the KPA and provincial (political bureau) party committees elected General Secretary Kim Jong Il as delegate to the conference of the WPK representing the unanimous will of all the members of the party, servicepersons of the KPA and people.

And there you have it.  So, there’s only one thing left to do.  Dance, dance!  (Also: Revolution!)  As you well know, there ain’t no party like a Communist Party — and Kim knows how to get down.