Well, barring a last-second schedule change or purge, North Korea is going to have its totally-not-preordained-result Workers’ Party of Korea conference (approximately nowish Stateside).  Word from KCNA [for the best in live, local and late-breaking news, trust KCNA… North Korea’s News (Dear) Leader] is that Kim Jong Il will — in a stunning development — have a vote:

The meetings of delegates of the party committees of the KPA and provincial (political bureau) party committees elected General Secretary Kim Jong Il as delegate to the conference of the WPK representing the unanimous will of all the members of the party, servicepersons of the KPA and people.

And there you have it.  So, there’s only one thing left to do.  Dance, dance!  (Also: Revolution!)  As you well know, there ain’t no party like a Communist Party — and Kim knows how to get down.


Why do pictures from authoritarian states always look like they were taken in 1963?

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media:
To the regular folks in the DPRK, a 26″ TV is a widescreen.

Also commie electronics (not made in China) suck.

Fuck man, this isn’t funny. The heel down goosestep the infantry guys were using for the ceremonial salute would be incredibly painful for even well seasoned denizens of a drill field. No matter how hot the disco fascist color guard, this is just sad. I deeply need to strangle Kim Jong Il with his own intestines and make steak dinners for everyone in N Korea.

Hey Chicago Stinquers, is anyone liveblogging the Bears game tonight?

Irony Alert!

Bachmann ad quotes Clinton calling her stupid, followed by the grammatically incorrect:

“Help me defend myself against Clinton’s and the Democrat’s attack”

@FlyingChainSaw: Well, look — you can YouTube “North Korea propaganda” and find some fucked-up shit. Children’s TV consists of a teacher talking about Kim Jong Il’s youth. Those poor kids. No joke — I wanted to smash something after watching four minutes or so.

BTW: I’m not impressed with your Kim Jong Il sausage idea. I like sausage, but not that much. We could do it classy-like. How about Braised Kim in a cognac sauce? Dude’s got cases of the stuff; it’d be a shame to waste it, you know.

@Dodgerblue: I’m actually at the game.

The White Sox / Red Sox game. Should have made that clear.

Sox Park has about… oh, 4000 people in it tonight. Everybody else is parked in front of a TV.

I bought the tickets back in February for the whole series, thinking that at least one would be in the mix in the last week. Oops.

@chicago bureau: Could we have Paul Konerko back please? One of the dumbest trades in Dodgers history.

@Dodger — note also that I’m for the Red Sox. There are probably more fans of the Olde Towne Team here tonight than for the South Siders. It’s an interesting dynamic.

@chicago bureau: A friend of mine, now living on Maui, has a “Jesus Hates The Yankees” t-shirt and gets a lot of favorable comment.

@Dodger — White Sox fans are still lamenting letting Jim Thome go to the Twins last year. And paying Manny Ramirez four extra-large of Frank McCourt’s maddening contract for absolutely no production whatsoever. They’re busy.

Sitting around a bunch of Chowdaheads, flown in from The Hub for my enjoyment. Ahhhh.

@chicago bureau: Manny went in the crapper after he went off the muscle juice. I’ll bet the Dodgers gift shop has a lot of Manny wigs you could get real cheap.

Will the Mad Men viewers be able to discuss last night’s episode by tomorrow?

@chicago bureau: The North Korean politburo buries dissidents next to fruit trees that are supposedly the vessels for the sweetest fruit in the domain. The states goes on and on about Al Qaeda and these fucking people are living like fucking zombies and dying of starvation. I don’t want to kill Kim Jong Il. I want to make him into an ash try and take up smoking cigars. Yeah, Kimmie-cakes, after a dinner like that, oh, yeah, I could go for a cigar. Yeah. Yeah, baby. Not this one though. I can tell after a couple of puffs that it’s not the equal of the fucking dinner and I need to put it out on your pathetic fucking balls. Yeah,. Kimmie-cakes, fucking scream for me, fucking scream, you piece of fucking shit.

@FlyingChainSaw: Did you watch it? Do you think she did the deed?


I’m more than willing to discuss it right now.

@Manchu: I’m out of commission until 10 pm PDT tonight and I don’t know if RML or Cynica saw it yet.

Okay, I can wait till tomorrow. Good ep though.

@SanFranLefty, Manchu: Don Draper emerging from the spaceship with the giant robot with a message of peace and universal brotherhood was awesome.

@Dodgerblue: I’m chilling at home, but without cable I don’t have the means to tune in, and I’m so far from caring enough to go out to a bar and watch that it’s ridiculous. So no Sport talk for me tonight….nor cooking…nor cars. Did I mention I’m running out of common Stinque topics that I know fuck all about?

@sfl et al re Mad Men: don’t wait on my account. Not sure when I’ll have a computer on which to watch it, and it’s hard following stinque on just the iPhone.

@Mistress Cynica: Es a drag on the BB, too.

@ManchuCandidate: And when the robot blew up the tanks and shit with his eyebeams ….!

@flippin eck: I’d love to hear your thoughts on Nork military parades and why the army guys are marching with rocket propelled grenades, or whether that’s an AK-74 the other guys are holding.

Fun fact: when the AK-47 was first introduced by the Soviets and their Warsaw Pact allies, it was sometimes literally carried “under wraps” so NATO would not know of its existence.

Re: Sport – Urlacher is a former UNM Lobo, so Da Bears have a following here. Nice knockdown by him of that pass in the end zone, and Peppers blocked that FG attempt in the 3rd, I believe. Tied at 14 with just over 3 mins to go in the game.

@FlyingChainSaw: 1 tactical nuke = .01 FlyingChainSaw. I’m down with dropping you into downtown Pyongyang for the purpose of ripping shit up. Chuck Norris style, without the yicky conservative political viewpoint thing.

@flippin eck: Uhh, fashion, Don Draper, you have plenty to share with us.

@Mistress Cynica: And I guess it’d be pushing the envelope to ask to watch the episode at work on your lunch hour? (assuming you get a lunch hour…I seem to get a lunch 10 minutes huddled over the keyboard).

@SFL: lunch hour? What’s that? Plus, no iTunes @ work.

@SanFranLefty: I fucking hate that grant thing. It represents all that is most crapulously smug about American liberalism. This year there is a theatre director notable for one revival of Our Town which was raved about in the Times and so, in the American manner, he was given the moon, ie. hired to stage the revival of the Neil Simon trilogy (sic) the first of which was so incompetently staged the project had to be abandoned.

But I sort of thought the point of the award was that the recipients be young. We love us some first acts here. The second, not so much. And if you attempt a third the audience will walk out.

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