How this footage, or the driver, made it out alive is open to speculation:


The phrase you hear a couple times – “des neh” – is the Japanese version of “Isn’t it?”.

should pick up this podcast. NHK is Japan’s version of NPR, and the news is pretty much unfiltered.  No word from the girlfriend since yesterday morning, and I’m assuming it’s the lack of power in Tokyo.  More as I hear it.

It’s like that seawall isn’t even there:

The earthquake was in the northeast part of Japan on the main island, Honshu – now there’s a volcano erupting in the southwest, on the island of Kyushu:

The volcano is also known for serving as Blofeld’s lair in You Only Live Twice.

[ MSNBC Flash video not available. ]

It boggles my mind that the GOP wants to cut our disaster preparedness budget.


That’s disturbing. And it’s more than 200 miles from the main event.

And my girlfriend flew from Okinawa, where it’s safe, to Tokyo yesterday – she’s there on business. The Japanese are like the Brits – carry on! I hope nothing bad happens.