Enough Already

The earthquake was in the northeast part of Japan on the main island, Honshu – now there’s a volcano erupting in the southwest, on the island of Kyushu:

The volcano is also known for serving as Blofeld’s lair in You Only Live Twice.


I keep this website on my feed list: Latest Earthquakes in the World – Past 7 days.

Earth is in constant upheaval.
While there is considerable movement along the western Pacific Ring of Fire (Christchurch,New Zealand 2/22 6.3) Turkey had a 6.0 magnitude 5 days ago. The Gulf of California had a 4.6 this morning and small one in Arkansas.

@texrednface: You can also sign up to get email or text notifications of earthquakes based on size and/or location.

You can donate tem bucks for Japan to Am Red Cross w/ Verizon phone: http://tinyurl.com/49u7a2e

I will say this: I am watching the Japanese-language feed of NHK. It is uncanny how calm these newsreaders are. Short, clipped news reports with absolutely no emotion, rattling off train delays and closures as if it was a local-teevee morning show reporting on school closures for a four-inch snowfall here in the States. Almost hypnotic, how calm these guys are while the world around them (that is, outside of Toyko) is going to hell.

@chicago bureau: News overseas is not delivered in the kind of junior-high level gush of faux emotion that is the norm now for TV news barking faces. It’s embarrassing how childish US TV news fucktards appear when compared with overseas contemporaries.

@FlyingChainSaw: Plus, let’s face it: in Japan, public displays of emotion are for the victims or, occasionally, for officials seeking contrition. I’ll be surprised if the PM doesn’t end up at least apologizing for the initial dodge and feint about the Fukushima plants, if not resigning altogether.

@Nabisco: Oh, no, I meant in general, Greece, Italy, UK, Ireland, Australia (though I haven’t looked recently) were all sober and controlled in delivery compared to the giggly, daffy, pouty, flirty, tantrumming fuckwit presentertards on US TV.

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