Anyone Interested in News from Japan …

should pick up this podcast. NHK is Japan’s version of NPR, and the news is pretty much unfiltered.  No word from the girlfriend since yesterday morning, and I’m assuming it’s the lack of power in Tokyo.  More as I hear it.


Also note that there’s an NHK live-streaming app for iPhone. I’ve been checking in when Coop over-eggs the Concerned Anchor shtick.

@nojo: You can get there by Googling “NHK English”. Latest report: all employees have been pulled from the reactor site. It’s all in the hands of Einstein and Fermi now.

@Dodgerblue: Strange – I drove through the Belgian countryside in ’07 and saw a windfarm and a nuclear plant in the distance and thought ‘that’s the future’ … now, maybe not so much.

You know what, Glen Beck? FUCK. YOU. for saying the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster is a “message” from God.

@SanFranLefty: Hey – it had to happen. If not Beck then Robertson. If not Robertson then Phelps. If not Phelps then … whomever is next.

What I was watching on CNN just before I lurched for the remote: David Vitter on Japan.

@nojo: Yeah, I think I scared the people in the adjoining hotel rooms I was screaming so loudly at him (and trying to figure out the motherfucking remote).

@SanFranLefty: Lesson 1: always raid the minibar for overpriced vodka before attempting to watch FAUX noise. Lesson 2: do not attempt to watch Glenn Beck except in the company of a professionally trained support group.

@Nabisco: I wasn’t watching Faux News, I was reading the SF Chronicle online – there was Glen Beck – and watching CNN – there was Diapers. Scary!
Now I’m in the refuge of SportsCenter, and I went to the deli around the corner and found some not-bad wine.

@SanFranLefty: You’re in LA tonight, Little Tokyo? Kinda tense down there?

@Dodgerblue: Not tense, sad and somber. Lots of long-faced Japanese tourists in the hotel lobby, not much laughing or boisterous conversations, and when I was walking through the Little Tokyo Mall and the Japanese Village Mall trying to find wine and a snack without MSG and with writing on it in English there were posters up raising money for the Japanese Red Cross.

Can’t get over how nice the weather is here. Shame about the smog.

@SanFranLefty: Beautiful, bright day down in Sweet Home Alabama today.

NHK cameras catch steam rising from a reactor.

NHK cameras are on a helicopter thirty kilometers away.

NHK cameras use bitchin’ lenses.

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