Things still suck in Haiti.

Donate if you can.

Let me be frank – Sanjay Gupta annoys me.  He doesn’t annoy me like Ali Velshi does (listen to the book review) – that’s a different level of hell – but Sanjay gets on my nerves.  But let me tell you something – this took some serious balls:

(NEWSER) – As fears of rioting and looting mount in a desperate Haiti, UN doctors and nurses at a Port-au-Prince field hospital were ordered to evacuate last night, leaving CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and his camera crew to hold vigil over 25 earthquake victims. Gupta monitored the patients and stabilized some new arrivals in critical condition, but with no electricity or supplies, he said he could do little to treat them. The Belgian doctors, who had not wanted to leave their patients, returned this morning to relieve Gupta, who was pleased to report that no one died on his watch.

[ CNN Flash video not available. ]

I’d like to shake that man’s hand.

UN Docs Flee Hospital on Safety Fears; Sanjay Gupta Holds Fort [CNN]

No hospitals (all destroyed or abandoned) no power, no water, no air traffic control … and, from all I’ve gathered, there’s nothing left of Port au Prince – the quake could not have occurred in a worse place.

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Probably the best, safest way to donate is text ‘HAITI’ to 90999 – sends ten dollars to the Red Cross for Haiti (appears on your phone bill).

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7.3 on the Richter scale – this is big:

Haiti’s presidential palace and numerous other government buildings in the country’s capital Port-au-Prince collapsed after the tremor. A hospital was also flattened, with reports that patients were buried under the rubble.

Haiti’s ambassador to Washington, Raymond Alcide Joseph, told CNN: “My country is facing a major catastrophe.”

Thousands Feared Dead in ‘Total Disaster’ [Telegraph.co.uk]