For 100 grand, you could have one:

There’s only one Bond movie I haven’t seen – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Thanks for BBC-A and their James Bond marathon, I’m watching it now. The only thing I knew about the movie was that it was George Lazenby’s only appearance, and the car he drove was the gorgeous Aston Martin DBS – made from 1967 to 1972, and fewer than 800 were built:

What a gorgeous old thing.

Jeremy Clarkson explains why you’re probably driving a Honda or a Toyota (guessing 1999 or 2000 vintage):

And now Part 2:
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Mittens has a version of this:

From 2003 – Jodie Kidd isn’t well known here in US America. The car is a Suzuki Liana, and it was never sold in this country. The idea is Top Gear outfit the car with a roll cage and competition seats and put a star in it. Tame racing driver The Stig teaches them to hit the apexes on Top Gear’s track and in general to drive competitively.

Jodie Kidd is also cool because she gave a big fuck you to everybody fretting about her baby weight.

Pretty sure the car is a Triumph, maybe a Herald.

It takes a pretty big storm to turn this:

Into this:

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