A Jaguar in Georgetown

It takes a pretty big storm to turn this:

Into this:

20 photographs of the storm and related damage courtesy of Buzzfeed.


2:45 pm • Sunday • July 1, 2012

Ouch. Is your family’s power out? My sister and her family in MoCo lost power Friday night. Upper NW got hit pretty bad as well.

2:55 pm • Sunday • July 1, 2012

Sister in Boyds MD and mom in Rockville both out. Manhattan might be expensive, but our power lines are buried.

3:49 pm • Sunday • July 1, 2012

That will make a grown man cry. When I look at weather reports from the rest of the country, I can’t really complain that it is overcast and 64F with occasional drizzle.

3:52 pm • Sunday • July 1, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: As in San Diego – why bother with Portland weather reports at all? Overcast or raining – look out the damn window.

7:45 pm • Sunday • July 1, 2012

I’m very lucky. My neighborhood escaped tha carnage largely unscathed. We never lost power. Everywhere I go, though, stoplights are still without power. Restaurants are packed, as people eat out, both to escape the heat and because they can’t cook at home. Stopped by a Panera yesterday at 3:00 planning to have a cup of coffee while my daughter was at a Taekwando birthday party, and there was nowhere to sit…at 3:00… in the afternoon!

8:10 am • Monday • July 2, 2012

Wow. Hope everyone’s all right.

À propos of nothing, I saw The Great McGinty for the first time last night and strongly recommend it. Preston Sturgess’s first film and a wonderfully funny and trenchant political satire. I’d avoided seeing it because of the title which I think sucks donkey dick but boy! is it a good film. One aspect of the story isn’t quite developed, which is a pity as its perhaps the most original idea in the film, but it’s there to be noticed. Smashing perfs from Akim Tamiroff and Brian Donlevy and a story that, with a few substitutions, is still very much alive. Don’t know if it’s on Netflix – we saw it on TCM – but watch out for it. I happen to think that Sturgess was the best of the screwball director/writers, The Lady Eve and Palm Beach Story are peerless in my book. I also like Sullivan’s Travels. He has enormous wit and style, and gets first-rate perfs from the actors. Maybe the great Stanwyck wasn’t quite up to the alternate Eve but Stugess neatly finesses what could have been a weakness into a story about snobbery and other people’s perceptions. He also invented smudge-proof lipstick.

Two pugs up.

10:05 am • Monday • July 2, 2012

i’m not all right darling, as you must realize by my absence here. it’s been 4 months since my dad died and i’m still wearing black netting over my face and wailing like a sicilian widow while popping anti-depressants like jelly beans. i lurk daily, coming out of the shadows to say hello, i love you guys, and i’ll be back in the swing of things voicing my opinions, such as, very soon me thinks.
carry on…

10:09 am • Monday • July 2, 2012

i did not get your voice mail! my phone is broken. i miss you!
i got a case for it that guaranteed you could throw it at a wall without damaging it. they lied.

10:32 am • Monday • July 2, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: That will make a grown man cry.

Pfft. Not that I don’t have sympathy for the weather beaten, but a Jaguar? In fucking Georgetown? Insurance – it’s what’s for dinner.

Last year my neighbor had an inch of human sewage in his basement after a seasonal storm surge. Claims adjuster said ‘nope, sorry – we don’t cover backed up shit’. I asked him if the adjuster looked around our neighborhood to see just how full of shit we all were – and that he fit right in.

5:49 pm • Monday • July 2, 2012

@baked: Hey, You!

In a nutshell — I called the day you called me and told you that all is well between us. No worries, Dear One.

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