Engine Rebuild

Pretty sure the car is a Triumph, maybe a Herald.


My guess it’s a TR6, but I’d need a better look at the body. I definitely cannot recognize cars by their engine block.

Fucking bears. If they’re going to break the trees they can at least do tricks on the lawn.

@Dodgerblue: We have dog riots if a bunny farts in MA but when the bear stops by to rips down $100 bird feeders suddenly we’re all so very very tired. However, first thing this morning we all ran round the perimeter doing ‘you better stay far away!’ barking. Impressive.

We don’t usually get them this time of year, bears I mean. They stop by in early spring when they wake up and mama says “Right, that’s it. Piss off and get your own place.” But a young bear’s been seen up and down the road recently. I saw him or her at a dumpster a few weeks back.

I suppose the pugs could sun out and have hysterics in front of the bear. That might do the trick.

Looks like a Spitfire to me. Kinda beat up, but then they looked like they were falling apart when they were new.

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