Bored Marilyn

Bored Tina Louise also acceptable.

Justin Bieber spent $1.3 million for a digital receipt of an unremarkable monkey cartoon, and we dunno, seems you could just get one of these for twenty bucks. Plus framing.


Just look at the scumbags pushing this financial trash: soulless lying sociopaths; grifters; munnie launderers; and Matt Demon. It’s obvious that with crypto, SPACs, and NFTs, you’re gonna get screwed six ways from Sunday.Oh well, you can’t save people from themselves. They’d just find another scheme to piss their munnie away.

Welcome to Thunder Bay Dome:

Erin The’Toole: Canada’s Conservatives oust party leader

Being nice to gay folk was the one bridge too far for the Waffler. Now it’s crazy time as the Crazy Jeebus Gang Book Burning/Banning Xtian Nazi gang takes over.

@ManchuCandidate: He wasn’t a total monster. He had 2 go.

Also, The’Toole lost the election after JTru’s blackface scandal. That’s gotta sting.

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