To Sleep, Perchance to Dream of Hacking Wordle


If not for the mountain-desert landscape, I’d guess it’s in Wales.

@¡Andrew!: San Berdoo, southern California. My dad’s favorite road sign.

Go down the road to the end & you wind up in a place like a tiny version of Mono Lake. Without the lake 99% of the time.

I would suspect someone has submitted an article to ZYZZYVA about a visit to Zzyzx Rd.

I just donated the first of many dollars to kick sENEMA outta the Senate.

If there’s a PAC to give that backstabbing ho the electric chair, I’ll throw some munnie at them too.

@¡Andrew!: Seems she’s already Dead Senator Walking there. Dems can’t stand her, Reps know they can do much better, and John McCain is very much dead.

It’s not so much the playing of the game, it’s the cross-posting of results – meaningless, to the flat Wrldrs – that makes my uterus shrivel.

What’s next, a return to FarmVille?

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