Ode to Forbode

First we were gonna write about the Department of Justice pulling out of negotiations to compensate migrant families torn apart by one of our more recent crimes against humanity, and then it was gonna be how Omicron shows the ignorant assholes are winning, and then Manchin comes clean about destroying any hope that remains for doing something about anything, and y’know, fuck it. Just, fuck it. We’re all survivalists now.


It was the dismal election turnout and results in November that broke optimism for me. Well, that and the SINema/buttMunchin/Injustice Department trifecta of weakness, corruption, and incompetence.
The centrist/corporate puppet Demonrats are so bad at politics that the only reasonable conclusion is that they lose on purpose so that they never have to make their billionaire masters pay any taxes; they’d put a bullet in every last one of us first. Even when they win, we lose.
It’s hard not to give in to fatalism, but Dotard Judas Tr666p, this pathetically vile, deranged, lying, psychotic, mass-murdering, evil lifelong criminal and total failure of a man, along with his Republinazi conspirators and accomplices are going to overthrow democracy, or at least the sham “democracy” in the US as we know it. They’re carrying out the coup in plain site and telling us daily how they’re rigging the elections, rubbing our faces in it, and still no one purportedly in charge will do anything about it.
And of course, they’re screaming that they’re the REAL VICTIMS in Weimer II: Whine Harder. You don’t need a PhD in history to see exactly where this is all going. Maybe they take the House and Senate in 2022, declare their Tr666p/AntiChrist speaker, impeach Biden and Harris, and voila GAME OVER. Or maybe in 2024 they bother with the whole phony electors overturning the will of the people and installing the Republinazi LOSER again (for the third time in ~20 years!). America’s grotesque, courtesan elites in politics, the courts, the media, and the military won’t lift a finger to stop them and they know it. That would be rude and (GASP) uncivil.
Failed institutions cannot save us from institutional failure. We have to save ourselves and each other.

@¡Andrew!: I had a whole piece I wrote Thursday — “The Fierce Lethargy of Now” — that I figured I’d just drop in this morning, but events overtook it.

I don’t think it’s fatalism as such, just an update of what I realized barely a month into covid: We’re on our own. We’re just gonna have to look after ourselves and each other, because that’s all we got.

Did you hear about the latest humongous defense bill that passed with nary a quibble? What the fuck is it protecting us from?

@Benedick: Not that one, but someone passed around a WaPo op-ed yesterday tracking our descent into hell, using the same guidelines we apply to others.

My thought? At least it’s getting into Elite Conversation now, instead of being the province of cranks like me. But until Uncle Joe hits the networks and says “Folks, we’re fucked”, that’s probably the extent of it.

OMG we’ve missed you! How’ve you been?
(I’m not on any social media, so I miss a lot).

@¡Andrew!: Let me catch you up: my husband died, I remade the house, I took up yoga (I have the ass of a twenty year-old) I have been Doing Work, and recently made a triumphant return to the stage (in Jersey, so no one would see), and living as I do in the country my experience of the pandemic has been easier than most. I hope that you’re well and everyone is thriving.

@Benedick: My heart goes out to you on the loss of your husband.
Glad that you’re adjusting and working and moving forward. Working sounds exciting–did you have a play produced?
I hope that all your doggies are doing great as well. Big hugz : )

@¡Andrew!: Thank you, my dear. I had a very rough five years. But now I’m very well, and, apart from the growing horror that’s gripping most people I know, I feel good. I’m down to two elderly pugs, who are wonderful companions. All in all, I feel extraordinarily fortunate. Hope you and the family are well.
Here’s a link if you’d like to see:

@nojo: @Benedick: Putin gave an unhinged speech at the Kremlin about Ukraine’s “threats” against Russia, so that’ll probably blow up over the holidays. I doubt we’d do more than tsk-tsk, but there’s always the chance.

@Mistress Cynica: I have an immigrant friend from Ukraine — close to the border — and they’ve been living with Russian saber-rattling for years now. He’s concerned, obviously, but his friends back home aren’t yet noticing any substantial difference.

Saber-rattling can get out of hand, of course. But now I’m seeing chatter about NATO expansion and cyberwarfare, which gives me a context about the lack of concern on the front: Why invade when there are other ways to mess around?

@ManchuCandidate: Thanks.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve been seeing that. Who knows. I should think our generals are dying for a reason to put on battle fatigues again and go on Face the Nation. They might be keen to do Something.

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