More Euphemisms for Political Lying

  • Weaving a mischievous tale of fancy.
  • An arrangement of events not in accord with the known universe.
  • Truths yet unborn.

  • Fauxpocrisy.
  • Not of this world, but perhaps another.
  • A statement which, if true, would be.
  • Bespoke reality.
  • An index of claims with missing pages.
  • A blizzard of propositional snowflakes that melt into nothing.
  • Factulence.

Or “Just another day in GOPer/Dixie land.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution actually referred to “ former President Donald Trump’s lies about Georgia’s election results” this morning, which kinda shocked me.

Expertly curated fully organic small-batch artisanal truthiness.

False claims, alternative facts, fabulism, separate realities, alt-right, and on and on.
The lengths that “objective journalists” will go to justify white trash idiocy in the service of their oligarch masters has sunk to the seventh level of hay-ell.

It’s clearly found a home in the investing world as well: cryptocurrencies, HFTs, NFTs, SPACs. They’re all gonna end in cry-ugly tears.

Yeah, more endless Tr666p “investigations;” that’ll show ’em!
Exhibit A: $hitler’s entire criminally insane life to present.

Re: Greater Idaho name

No, Udaho.

Runners up: New Somalia; Dumbtrumpistan.

Instant third-world country.

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