It Takes a Village of Idiots

We’re suddenly discovering a lot of things we don’t give a shit about.

Let’s start with That Woman from Georgia. We don’t give a shit about her. We’re happy she was stripped of her committee assignments, we’d like to see her thrown out of Congress and returned to whatever shadow dimension she emerged from, we wouldn’t mind if her immortal soul suffered for an eternity in Hell — but really, we just don’t give a shit about her.

She’s not the problem.

And neither, at this point, is Donald John Trump.

He never was.

Sure, we’re looking forward to the Circus this week, but we won’t be watching any of it, won’t be watching any of him or his defenders. We know how it will end, we know it won’t be enough, we know we can’t move on with the Story of America until it’s over, but the story isn’t Trump. The story isn’t even what the Republican party has become — or what it’s been for a half-century and is only now admitting to itself.

No, the Story of America isn’t Donald Trump, or Marjorie Taylor Greene, or seditious Republicans.

The Story of America is Americans.

And that’s where we’re in deep shit.

White Americans, anyway. The folks (like us!) who have enjoyed demographic dominance in this land for more than two centuries, and who are squealing like pigs as that dominance dwindles into mere preponderance. We’re the problem, we’re what’s wrong with America, forever singing about freedom and liberty while firmly keeping our boots planted on everyone else’s necks.

We don’t give a shit about what’s happening with given characters in that story because it’s not about them, and purging them from the body politic may provide fleeting satisfaction, but it doesn’t change anything.

We do care that Uncle Joe is unwinding the damage as fast he can, we do like how the American Preznident is sounding like a president again. That’s nice. That’s necessary. But if it only unwinds us back to January 19, 2017, that’s not enough, because the problems that bedevil this land, the white folks (hi!) who trample the values they proclaim, didn’t suddenly start the next day.

Trump just made everything even fucking worse, is all.

And not by himself.

It takes the rest of us haoles.

It takes a village of idiots.

There’s a lot more we don’t give a shit about, other things that haven’t changed but are much more clear than they were four years ago, but let’s give it another week and see where shit’s at. The national political media can wait.


Just to recap the Republinazis’ mind-bending insanity and stupidity, they worship Prezinazi AntiChrist, a racist, treasonous, six-time bankrupt, lying, money-laundering, sexual predator and rapist, AFTER he:

–Lost to presidential elections in a row;
–Failed to pass any meaningful legislation other than more tax cuts for the rich;
–Lost the House AND the Senate;
–Failed in the incompetent response to the pandemic, which has led to over 450,000 dead Americans and counting;
–Earned the worst economic and jobs record in nearly a century and left the nation in a disgraceful, shambolic disaster;
–Destroyed America’s international standing and totally discredited our system of government;
–Launched an attack on Congress which could’ve led to mass murder and the violent overthrow of the United States government;
–Has been impeached TWICE;
–Is a total pariah in his home state of New York and cannot return;
–Dresses like a hobo.

Now that’s Republinazi leadershit!!!

I love the fact that no matter how much $hitler’s lawyers debase and humiliate themselves at his SECOND n’peechment trial, he’s still gonna screw them and refuse to pay their bill. Ha ha ha.

Imagine how much better life would be if the n’peechment trial could be held in a giant hot tub, and we could just toss a fucking toaster in there.

Republicans are the party of terrorism

“In voting to acquit Donald Trump for encouraging political violence and insurrection, with the evident goal of nullifying the 2020 presidential election and overthrowing democracy, Republicans in Congress are formally announcing their endorsement of right-wing terrorism as a legitimate means of gaining and securing political power.

Past is prologue. As with Hitler and Mussolini in the late 1920s and early ’30s, many coup attempts fail in their first attempts. If Trump is not impeached and convicted for the crime of insurrection, another coup attempt by Republicans and other right-wing extremists is all but guaranteed. To help deter such an outcome, Trump’s co-conspirators (including those in Congress) should also be investigated, put on trial and convicted for criminal and civil crimes as well.

The Republican Party’s final embrace and endorsement of right-wing political violence and terrorism is not a surprise. For decades, such tactics have been increasingly encouraged and normalized by right-wing opinion leaders. Trump’s second impeachment trial offers one more moment when they are showing the American people and the world exactly who and what they are.”

“White Americans, anyway. The folks (like us!) who have enjoyed demographic dominance in this land for more than two centuries, and who are squealing like pigs as that dominance dwindles into mere preponderance. We’re the problem, we’re what’s wrong with America, forever singing about freedom and liberty while firmly keeping our boots planted on everyone else’s necks.” Yes. About 20 years ago when I was living in CA, I was driving home from work listening to NPR, because that’s what Good Liberals Do in the Car. The program I was listening to described the changing demographics of not only CA but of the nation, and inevitably, white people would be a minority. The speaker said that that fear was already taking shape in the formation of militias and that the internet would allow for cells of like-minded loonies to gather.Here we are. The loonies aren’t the only ones, though. They’re simply the most vocal. We’re used to the South unabashedly disenfranchising POC. What people didn’t see as clearly was the quiet work at disenfranchisement by state and local officials in every state that had more than a smattering of POC. When I was in the Navy, now we’re talking about 30 years ago, I went to the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in LA. There’s a map on display that has color-coded push pins for every type of hate group in the country. I was shocked to see that many of them were in my Commonwealth, PA, and there were next to none in places like Montana. Montana didn’t have enough POCs to freak them out yet, and internet feedback loops were nonexistent. We live in a cowardly new world that isn’t new but is now on display.


@nojo: If you haven’t, watch the 13-minute video the House Managers showed on the floor yesterday. Indescribable.

@JNOV: If a blowjob made me geek any faster, I would have recommended it to clients.

And no, no plans to watch the videos, or any of it. I’m satisfied in my knowledge what happened, and I’m just waiting for the traitors to mark themselves for acquittal.

Qoup Qlux Qlan serving as the jury in the trial of their Grand Wizard.

Will $hitler’s treasonous, lying, psycho-fascist Republinazi co-conspirators vote to acquit him?
Oh, the suspense.

Junior high school students would’ve been humiliated by Prezinazi AntiChrist’s pathetic lawyers’ presentation.

They may was well have been shrieking and flinging their feces.

Witnesses? I was happy to get it over and count the votes, but now I’m interested. Might be the closest we get to a Commission for awhile.

@nojo: That’s my Rep who might soon be replaced by Q Shaman.

I’m not sure what she’s playing at. She held a town hall recently where she said, “Herrera Beutler described Republicans calling for the commander-in-chief to step in to no avail. One heated conversation between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Trump was “chilling,” Herrera Beutler said.

“He said ‘well, Kevin, I guess they’re just more upset about this election theft than you are,’” she said. “The president was basically saying ‘nah, I’m OK with this.’”

“Did he send anyone in to help? No. But he did place calls to senators while they were in lockdown. And you know what he said? He said ‘can you do something to further delay the electoral counting?’”

The inaction, she said, was a direct violation of Trump’s oath to protect the Constitution, considering the counting of electoral votes is “the actual Constitution in progress.”

“That’s as impeachable as it gets, in my books,” Herrera Beutler said.

Woo-hoo! Off goes the power. Western WA knows nothing about snow.

And, no witnesses. Ah, well. Time for a Commission! Maybe we’ll hear from it a few years from now.

@JNOV: 3 degrees in Denver, with a forecast high of 10, snow this afternoon, and cozy fucking warm inside. Denver’s built for this.

@nojo: Yes. Jamie’s day in the sun has faded.

My new Not-Cory Dem senator just tweeted it’s time to “turn the page”, and I’m like, no, no it’s not, that just brings on the next chapter.

Only with a lot more cussing.

@nojo: Indeed. I’m like, aren’t y’all friggin’ Vikings?

And the 43 Senators who voted to acquit represent less than 30% of Americans. Fuck abolishing the filibuster, abolish the god damn Senate.

Fuck you, Mitch McConnell. Glad my Congresscritter Pelosi is spitting bullets and channeling her inner Baltimore girl self in a tirade that would make David Simon applaud.

Can you imagine having to face the Capitol Police after having just acquitted the monster that unleashed a lynch mob to murder them?
If the Capitol Police fragged a few Republinazi Senatards, no one would blame them.

“This sham verdict will NEVER come back to destroy us, and no one will ever see it coming” the glassy-eyed GOPnazi death cult droned in unison.





I am not surprised by the verdict because I didn’t expect 17 GOP senators to have spines.

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