Waiting for the Universe to Form

Ten days in, and here we are.

Pretty much as expected, really. We were promised a wave of executive orders, and we got them. We were promised time to think about things not relating to an idiot tinpot wannabe dictator, and we got that.

And if Republicans didn’t exactly promise they would try to sweep the Capitol siege under the rug, we’re not surprised we’re getting that, too.

We don’t know exactly where things will be going until the next election — next year! — but the lines are being drawn. Republicans will be pushing themselves even farther off the ledge, looking like Wile E. Coyote standing in midair the moment before he drops into the canyon. This won’t be a problem for “safe” districts — Marjorie ain’t going away — but you can’t win whatever remains of the center being the Party of Traitors.

So there’s something not yet settled: Who remains a Republican after this? Not just your name brands, your Mitts, your Lizzes, and so on, but who among those whose thirst for power doesn’t outweigh what remains of their conscience? Who doesn’t want to be saddled with what the party has become — what many of us knew it was all along, but which can’t be as easily ignored now?

Yeah, we kinda know the answer to that one. Still wondering, though.

The other outstanding question is more pressing: Does Biden cave? Does he press his legislative advantage — wan as it is, with Manchin lurking about — or does he settle for bipartisan bullshit?

Our fears are yours on that one, but it’s not yet certain. It’s not just that he’s being warned about Lucy yanking the football — he lived through Obamacare too, folks. We’ll know whether to adjust our expectations as covid relief plays out.

And what else? The New York Times? From Pelotons to Rolexes to fretting about all those executive orders, we already know they’re going to be as institutionally useless now as they have been for years.

Ten days in, but give us another month to get our bearings. There will be no return to normalcy, but we don’t quite know what the New Normal is yet.


What I really wanted to say was “I was calling Republicans traitors before it was cool”, but I shouldn’t be churlish that mainstream types are finally coming around.

<i>” but you can’t win whatever remains of the center being the Party of Traitors.” </i> Well you can if you make it so people cannot vote.

The level of disenfranchisement that the Republican legislatures across the country will not be ‘surgical’ as they were in 2018, it will be more like carpet bombing.

in AZ we have multiple bills in the hopper that will: eliminate absentee voting altogether, require both your vote by mail request AND your ballot be notarized, and there’s one prominent representative (the chair of the Ways and Means committee) who has authored a bill to simply let the Legislature overrule the voters and pick their own slate of presidential electors if they so choose regardless of how many representatives are there to do it.

They’ve known for decades that they cannot win if people vote.

It’s really the billionaire oligarchs that’re the traitors. They’re the ones funding the Republinazis and destroying the country from the inside.
No one hates America and Americans more than the oligarchs that rule us.

Since we seem to have forgotten what a sane, functional government does when fascists murder their citizens and try to overthrow democracy:Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group TORONTO — Canada on Wednesday declared the Proud Boys a terrorist entity, adding the far-right group to a list that includes al-Qaeda, ISIS and al-Shabab as part of an effort to crack down on what senior government officials called one of the country’s “most serious threats.” Designation as a terrorist group carries financial and legal consequences. Police can seize the property of the group or its members; banks can seize their assets. It’s a crime to knowingly provide assistance to a designated group to facilitate or carry out attacks. Group members may be denied entry to Canada. Seven other entities affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, as well as Hizbul Mujahideen, a militant Kashmiri liberation group, were also added to the list. 

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