Murder on the American Express

There was a moment Saturday morning when we suddenly felt what we wanted. And then, just as suddenly, it was gone.

The Senate trial of Donald Trump had been proceeding as expected: statements., videos, everything on track for the part that mattered, getting the traitors on the record for their treason. Nobody expected him to be convicted. We just wanted a head count.

That’s all we thought we wanted, anyway. Until the possibility of much more turned up.

It was the vote to call witnesses — not just a video compilation, but living, breathing, people, there, now, explaining what happened.

The trial could go on for months like that, it was feared. Yes. That’s what we wanted. Every day — heck, put it on a schedule so the Senate can get other work done — every other day, every week, more witnesses, more details, more news, more conversation. Let’s just let this settle in, shall we? Let’s not put it behind us and move on to other things. Let’s keep it fresh, top-of-mind.

No hurry. We’re safe. Uncle Joe has The Button now.

The moment didn’t last, but it lasted long enough for us to get a good feel for it. It wasn’t just what Trump did or didn’t do, it was what everyone around him did or didn’t do, what the Republicans cheering on the insurrectionists pre-assault did or didn’t do, what the Capitol Police did or didn’t do, the whole story of planning to challenge the election before the election even happened.

All of it. Everyone involved. Stars and bit players. Accountability for all!

We wanted a Commission, was what we wanted. We wanted a Special Select Congressional Committee known to history by the name of its chair. We wanted public hearings, under oath, everything on the record, names named, actions recounted.

We wanted it all.

And then it was all gone. Witnesses would not be called. The final vote, and its inevitable outcome, would proceed.

Problem is, we still want it. All of it.

We want it because, well, we’re dealing with Murder on the American Express here: Everyone’s guilty. Find us an elected Republican who didn’t help enable this. (Okay, Mitt. Find another.) Find us the Republican citizens and officials who didn’t assent to this. (Okay, Raffensperger. Look harder.)

There are millions of traitors in our midst. Millions and millions and millions. Millions of people who would sooner overthrow democracy itself than lose the advantages they enjoy. We can’t exile all of them. We can’t build enough FEMA camps to hold them. We have to live with them, live among them, knowing that, given the opportunity, they’d rather see a dictator run this country — to their benefit — than deal with what truly is the worst system of government imaginable, except for all the others.

We can’t do anything about them. But we can recognize them, see them for who they are. A Commission would help. Or a Special Committee. Or a Traitor of the Week series on Disney+. Something.

Short of that, short of the fantasies we entertained for that brief, shining moment Saturday when the sun broke through the clouds, we can recognize shit for what it is: The 50 Democrats in the Senate represent 41 million more Americans than the 50 Republicans. The 57 votes for conviction represent more than two-thirds of Americans.

The problem with democracy isn’t democracy. The problem is we aren’t practicing it.


This is why I was against the Reformicons bullshit version of the US Senate here in Canada City. I don’t like the idea of prickly Albertans and or Moes of Sask telling everyone else what to do (we had enough with Gros Stephane the phony braveheart PM.)

The Senate should be a goddamned rubber stamp. However, this is a feature not a bug as it was placed in by Sothron states as a bulwark against them Northerens.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m fine with the idea of “representative government”, where the folks we send to Capitol City are there to use their judgment, not just to poll every question before them. But that’s the Capra Universe, not this one, and I don’t know how to get there from here.

I don’t care about exposing any of them because they don’t care if you expose them.
I care about cutting off their money because their money is all they care about. It’s what they need to continue their power trip.
To hell with truth and reconciliation. I want their poverty and defeat.

The Republinazis are sociopaths with transgressive personality disorders. The verdict is unsurprising because their only thrills in life are from rubbing our faces in their cruelty, stupidity, insanity, and incompetence.

@ Jamie,

What I don’t understand is why state bar associations are incapable of holding any of the lawyers among them accountable for lying and attempting to overthrow democracy.
Are they incompetent or GOPnazi sympathizers? Or both?

@¡Andrew!: Bar associations rely on someone to file a complaint about a lawyer. Then they have to go through due process, which involves an investigation, discovery, hearings, etc. Basically like a civil case. So it takes time, months and sometimes years, if hotly contested. You can’t really expect that to happen immediately, even if any of these people have had complaints filed against them.

@¡Andrew!: Lin Wood is under investigation by the Georgia Bar. So naturally he doxed the members of the committee to the MAGAts.

Rusted Limpballs, Dotard Judas Tr666p, Moscow Mitch McCONjob, and Newt Gangrinch are the world’s best arguments in favor of mandatory abortions. At least one of them has now gotten what he deserved, albeit far too late.

Texass is turnin’ blue y’all… from hypothermia.

Shorter Texass: “Weir uh-gonna keel all y’all in Civil War 2–NOW BAIL US OUT!!!

When winter reared it’s frozen head, Ted Cruz turned tail and bravely fled… to Cancun.

All those unprepared folks stuck in an arctic deep freeze (which shouldn’t be there, but did thanks to changes in the jet stream caused by human made climate change/global warming).

Who’dathunkit that a power grid designed by dipshit MBAs and CEOs would implode when the shit the fan?

@ Manchu, Poor Treason Ted. His dad killed JFK, his wife’s an ugly whore, and now his daughters forced him to go on a luxurious Mexican vacation during a global pandemic and Texass’s implosion into a failed state. Truly, no one has suffered more.Also, you’re being too generous. There’s no way in hay-ell Texassholes would let MBAs near their grid ‘cuzah all that Say-tanic book-learnin.
No doubt it was designed by snake-handlers, tongue-talkers, and drunk wranglers passin’ out in an alley.

You know Ted’s a standup guy when he blamed his kids for this. Ted Cruz has become the living embodiment of what is universally described as a shit human being. Inept MBAs or inept fools, the incompetently designed Tejas electrical grid is a complete clusterfuck and people are dying because of it. I’d like to think that folks in Tejas will throw the GOPers out after this, but this is Tejas we’re talking about here.

@ Manchu, not a chance.

Look at 2020 and how Moscow Mitch, Miss Lindsay Gray-uhm, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, et al, supposedly sailed through “winning” their elections by absurd margins after being ridiculously upside down in polling for year and still historically unpopular. Millions of people would’ve had to have had election night lobotomies to produce this insane result.

It’s no coincidence that the states where they won use the ES&S voting machines, while the states Democrats won use Dominion. Republinazi accusations are always confessions, and if they’re squealing about voter fraud, it’s because they’re the ones committing it. That stupid Tr666p whore that declared the 2020 elections to be the most secure ever was also the same incompetent asshole that allowed the federal government to be hacked to shit for nearly a year in the SolarWinds attack.

I can’t believe people aren’t screaming about this from the rooftops, but there’s just no way those elections were legitimate. At all.
Fake elections for a fake country.

And yes, I’m well-aware of how conspiracy-cray cray this all sounds, but as America continues its self-destructive tail-spin and collapse, all we’ve got left are cuckoo suppositions and collective impotent rage.

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